Willing to doante book series to YOUR library!

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  1. Well eldron2000 will take too long to build his library, so i will donate my book series to another library. If you want the series in YOUR library, tell me so in the comments :p
  2. *Disclaimer* This series is epic and may make you cry, make sure you get a box of tissues :)
  3. spolier alert.... xD
  4. You guys wrote a book series! Thats awesome! How much? Somebody should open up a book store with shoft stories and stuff.
  5. well, i have choosen to make copies of the books and sell the entire series for 10r. i'll try to copy them ASAP
  6. Dope, let me know when you finish.
  7. ?
    is this an expression or are you calling me a dope? ;)
  8. Dope as in sweet, awesome, cool etc.
  9. Ah thanks LOL
  10. I have a Library in 3153 on SMP2.
    Feel free to pop by and have a look and decide if you'd like to house your series there.
  11. Ill buy a set for 10r...I don't have a library but I want it please
  12. the book series is NOT in a library, but i am making copys of them, (well, Kadboy is :p) and i give them out for free. I will make copys for you minner :)
  13. This is my doing, but Amused helped edit the book, and a few others helped out to. I piut their names down in the credits at the end of the final book
  14. Smp 5 10747 and I will set a chest up for you tomorrow can't play anymore tonight
  15. alright.
    PS: i am a proud halo player as well. The series is based off of halo :D
  16. :D join my team..... Team Avolition
  17. Is it still available?
  18. To be honest, i really like to kill the Sangheili. They are cruel, and show no mercy, so why should i show Mercy to them? ;)
  19. The series? Of course. i'll put u down on my waiting list. (Yes i have one)