Will Work For Rupees $)

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  1. :):)Im am looking for someone to work for on smp2 and i need money. I will destroy things,build things and anything other
    my name is Kibrat just look for me at 3201

  2. Go to a different server if you don't have a res on Smp2, smp2 is the slums and not many people have money to hire people there
  3. Umm...
    That sounded like an insult to SMP2...
  4. It kinda was, no offense, but SMP2 IS kinda slummy
  5. You kinda have to admit that parts of it are...
    But then there are a few cool things on SMP2.
  6. Like???
  7. I saw a castle-dome-thingy one time, as well as a giant sculpture of a plane taking off.
    Or were those on SMP2? XD
  8. Ok, what are you good at building?
  9. Oh yeah I have 72,000+rupees (Keep in mind I spent 8k on a pickaxe) and just walk around the town you would see many great building
    List of ok+ Buildings what I have found in the past week and wrote down
    3456 Better view 3455
    3107 (House was brought down for refurbishment)
    If you actually think SMP2 is the slums just visit all these residences :)
    And just don't offend people without reason Its not very nice xD

    My favourite SMP servers are SMP2-3

    (Also this is my opinion so others might disagree)
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  10. Say, can you make MC skins?
  11. If you are talking to me I can (I don't make the best but in good with everything but the face)
  12. Ah, I see. Well, if you can do something decent with one of our Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson, I can offer a good 150-250R. Yes, Thomas Jefferson.
  13. Derp? I really don't get what I have to do :/ (Also My computer is downstairs so I wont be able to make it now xD)
    Buy for 250r Nah I get 800per day anyway+about 800 from the shop per like 3 days
  14. Right...you're a Gold supporter.

    Well, it's good that you (looked) at the offer. Perhaps I can try, and see what happens.
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  15. Also who would listen to you your the one who got a record for being rude towards people./getting Banned
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  16. Still I like to know what you wanted :)
  17. Mining and lumberjack jobs at /v 4116.

    Just visit my res to sell your ores, cobblestone, coal, diamonds, sand, sandstone, planks, logs, saplings, leaves, apples. Starting rates are decent, and once you sell enough you get promoted and paid more.

    I really appreciate everyone who helps me keep my shop stocked.
  18. If you contact me in PM i have jobs for you (That is to everyone too)