I Am looking for a few items in BULK for a new project

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  1. I have a hotel and I've thought about doing separate floors with different themes. I am looking for the following items and i want to buy them in bulk. I want to gather atleast a chest to double chest of the following items:
    Glow Stone: 2 stacks for 2500R
    Sand Stone: 10 Stacks for 395R
    Snow Blocks: 5 Stacks for 180R (i am not sure the worth of snow)
    Sand: 10 Stacks for 125R
    Nether Brick: 10 Stacks for 430R
    Nether Rack: 10 Stacks for 60R
    Please let me know below what you would like to gather and sell to me, anything helps.
    -Thank you
    Edit: I forgot too mention 2 things, i have now set up chests as you spawn on my lot. Just go to the orange wool practically where you spawn, and
    My lot numbers is 6493 on smp3
  2. I will sell you the nether brick but I will need more r for 10 stacks and I can probably get you the Glowstone too.
  3. Hey Firebox360! If you need help getting items like wood, cobblestone, obsidian, stone, stone bricks, and other items just let me know.
  4. I will gather Netherrack, but I will need more than just 60r for 10 stacks. I'd like at least 120, if not 150r for the whole lot.
  5. Do you need snow blocks or snowballs?
  6. I can help you out with the glowstone if you still need it
  7. Well Netherrack is ridiculously easy to get. its worth like 7R a stack.
    I do still need Nether brick and glow stone... the point that its cheaper is that i am buying it in Bulk...
    I can easily go out and get it myself or buy it a little at a time, i want to get like a double chest or so.
    I need snow Blocks
    Im'a going to Re-word my post a bit more descriptive.
  8. OK, I might be able to get you some snow blocks.
    How about 30r per stack?
  9. You may sell me anything listed above, chests have been provided for selling to me
  10. for 10 stacks of nether brick it is worth way more than 430r.
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  11. Then dont sell it to me, i've already gotten enough for now.
    I didn't post this for people to argue about the pricing, simply dont sell me anything
  12. I am not trying to start a fight bro I am just giving you my opinion.
  13. As i am not, and i understand. If you would like to bring me glow stone, i still have a chest on my lot for selling it.