Will Work For Glowstone, Hoppers, and Chests. Or Rupees...

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  1. So, it's coming up on ten years since I joined EMC. I have yet to really reach a build in town that I am content with. I'd like to change that. Like many EMC players, I've been on the receiving end of a derelict res reset, unfortunately. So, how to proceed? Work, work, work! Plus, permanent protection kinda helps. This means I REALLY want to get something concrete and permanent built. And if you've ever spent any time with me, you know I like to mine, dig, chop and hoard materials. #BigDigForever!

    All that buildup to say, I need to earn mats to build my warehouse, finally. Storage DCs, times 32, for all the primary blocks in the game, and then for other things later down the road means I will need plenty of wood, iron and glowstone. So, I am willing to do work in exchange for any of these items or rupees. Feel free to message me. I have my own tools, and a willing partner who is online far less than I, but whom I can conscript into service. I am very reasonable in value for work, and I can handle long-term projects. Look forward to hearing from y'all!
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  2. Digging you say?

  3. I did,
    I did, indeed!
  4. Yeah for "The Holeā„¢"