Will I get banned if I collect a monster spawner or buy one from somebody

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  1. I want to collect or buy one but I don't want to get banned
  2. It is impossible to do either. :)
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  4. Well, at one point, it was possible to pick up a mob spawner with a silk touch pickaxe...
  5. Can you still
  6. If someone on EMC has one, they would make a fortune if they sold it.
  7. Can you build a monster
    spawner that doesn't use spawner block I can make one just to lazy il pay u
  8. I wish I played minecraft in beta 1.9… :(
    Yes, I can.
  9. :rolleyes: Don't even think about it...
    I totally do not have one at all...
  10. How much money
  11. Please continue this in the pm I just sent you.
  12. Beta 1.9=1.0.0
  13. Not a single Non-Admin member has a mob spawner, had a mob spawner, and will most likely never have a mob spawner. (I mean the blocks, not spawn eggs.)
  14. It is impossible to get spawners but you can if you use mods and you will get banned for that
  15. you can't even get one with mods, and even if you did, it would be a pig spawner :p
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  16. stahp taunting me
  17. Indeed they do become pig spawners when you place them :3
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  18. Too many items mod gets them but EMC have blocked that so i think it is preety impossible
  19. If you know what I mean. (Insert winky face because I know what you're talking about and we should stop talking about this before anyone else finds out)
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