will be offline for 2 weeks, cannot find form to fill out for this situation

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  1. I cannot find the form required to be filled out if you cannot access Empire Minecraft for longer than the maximum amount of days allowed to be offline before your Residence & player are reset... Can anyone please tell me where this form is/give me a link to it? Thank you in advance!!
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  2. PM any of the senoir mods. And IcC
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  4. PM IceCreamCow, Maxarias, or Shaunwhite1982.
    Only senior staff or admins can lift the derelict policy, with the exception of Aikar who may only be PM'ed on technical issues.
  5. Yes, my minion ;)
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  6. Thank you both for your help, it's just that I haven't been offline for this long that I forgot what the criteria was for this... Even though Equinox_Boss said it first, SoulPunisher explained in greater detail, so thanks again to you both!!
  7. I don't think they actually reset your reses anymore. I had a neighbor who hadn't been on for 85 days at one point.
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  8. The derelict policy only gets into action if there is a need for res's at it seems, thats why there are some people with 90+ days offline with a res. That doesnt mean that if somebody wants ur res senior mods cant take it from you. Thats why a pm to them is wise I guess.
  9. No problem :)
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  10. I have given you derelict protection for 3 weeks from today, PM me if you need more time. :)
  11. Thanks Shaun! It's just that my computer lost an OS file, and I'm going to see if re-installing Windows will work... I really appreciate it! :D
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  12. I got it to work! Empire Minecraft, I can now play! :D