Will be Less Active (School Season)

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by IamSaj, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. Since school is starting back up, I will only be able to play EMC and be on the forums on the weekends. Only contact me then
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  2. Weekends?only?what?
  3. Same. :/
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  4. Yup. Me too. Maybe check the forums more often though.
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  5. I believe i'll be doing the same
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  6. I won't be doing the same because i'm in the lowest set for maths due to me being retarded, i'm in the mid section for english so I will rarely ever get any homework, i'm in the highest set for history which was my favourite lesson but now the teacher will be crapping out all the homeworks she wants.
  7. Politest...Reply...Ever ;)
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  8. I know, right?
  9. Same
    But it has started
  10. Same school start's on wensday
  11. My school starts Monday, I'm in the "extra smart" class, so I will get so much homework.
  12. Your not retarded, unles your a baby octopus. Everyone should be equal, nothing makes one human being bigger then another. try not to call yourself retarded or any other name. I really dont like that. :)
  13. Ive been in school for 3 weeks already :(

    EDIT: just went to dentist and i have a cavity -_-
  14. Today was first day.
    I got Santiba-NAZI....
    I heard she's evil...
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  15. lol, we started monday..
  16. I don't start school for like another week and even then I'll still be on EMC a bunch because I got study hall. :)
  17. Ditto
  18. The way things are working in kansas is we go an extra 15 minutes every day not really a big deal since it only give us 2 minutes of extra class time. On the up side I get over 3 and half months of christmas vacation and I will end school 25 days early. I think I am going to like this year.
  19. Dang. My school starts in about 10 hours. :(
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