WildOlympics Idea

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by Eadfrith, Mar 26, 2014.

  1. Okay.I had a idea.Why not have a WildOlympics?
    Each wild nation could send their own team,and there would be various events like Running,Horse Riding,Boat Racing,Swimming and Long Jump.
    It would need a Stadium,and a Host Nation.
  2. Well, we're having the empire olympics at the moment, so two olympics at once won't be a great idea I think ;)
  3. Yes,but this is for "Independent" Wild Nations.
  4. But Kitten the EMPIRE olympics ...... is for the all nations of all wild communities in all of the servers ....
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  5. Hmm.
    I would still like to operate this as a smaller event for the Wild.
    Not a huge event,but still a event that's well known.
  6. kinda like the common wealth games that the U.K operates ... it has the same events as the olympics, but not as big and it is still well known .... like the east wild games or something
  7. Good idea.
  8. You are talking about Wild settlements competing against each other, right?
  9. This would be very hard as settlements could fake their results.
  10. Err?
    How could they?
    And this isn't for random settlements like cactus farms,its for the wild NATIONS.
    Not a cactus farm.
    I'm renaming it to the East WildGames.
    Host Server:SMP9
    Host Nation:Apply Now
    (Name thanks to hollyhill105)