wilderness teleport hut to outposts is destroyed

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by kukusnoukkis, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. When you type /wild and look for the north/east/south/west teleport hut.. it seems to be destroyed (burned?).. admins can you restore it please?
  2. What server?
  3. smp1...
    and actually it seems the teleport works... just hut itself is gone
  4. Yep it is gone, this is what it looks like. 2012-09-10_15.11.59.png
  5. Lol, this is impressive. Yeah the teleports should definetely still work because they have to do with walking through the tp areas
  6. Too bad i'm about 30 minutes away from spawn :p
  7. It happened on smp5, it will be fixed.
  8. Presumably it was lightning... or a glitch
    Edit: Marginal case of stating of the obvious in my post here, but ah well.
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  9. Maybe a creeper or something
  10. I have seen this happen on other servers from lightning causing a fire that spreads and takes out a large area.. You can chalk this up to those insane lightning storms we get.:eek:
  11. last i saw creepers dont do physical damage, only to mobs and animals, and of course every poor soul unfortunate enough to find one during a lag session.