Wilderness/ Scouting Expedition

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    Nobody will probably read this but to all you readers reading this but here goes nothing...

    Okay, so I'm planning something big in the wilderness. No I am not the next 72volt. I plan on making an outpost or even a wild town if it's a good enough location.


    To apply:
    Home server:
    Time zone:
    What you can bring to the team:
    Anything that I would like to know:

    Leader: Me
    Member 1: N/A
    Member 2: N/A
    Member 3: N/A
    Member 4: N/A
  2. If you need a distant place to scout, I can provide it.
  3. Are you able to provide me with some more information? Please PM if you can.
  4. Go 10k blocks out in the nether make a portal and BOOM you're like 100k blocks away on overworld :)
  5. If you go 10k in the nether you will be 40k blocks in the Wild.
  6. Wasn't it x12 the blocks?
  7. Nobody wants to apply? This could be fun people!
  8. Thought it was X8?
  9. It is.
  10. Ok here is something I just thought up thought up some stuff. This will be included in a PM if you are accepted.
    -If you go too far ahead from the main group without being sighted or telling us what you are leaving for (me and anyone else is online that is in the group) you will be presumed dead. If you are not online at the moment, we will leave a marker for where we have stopped so you might be able to catch up.

    - Bring lots of food, tools, maybe some armor, and a lot of boats, and if you want, a compass to get back to spawn if you don't wanna do this anymore.

    More to come
  11. question:which server will this expoditoin start smp1,smp2,smp3,smp4,smp5,smp6,smp7,smp8,or smp9
  12. Not smp1, smp7, or smp9. I run a shop on smp1, I'm part of the LLO on smp7, and I'm also part of Pazzo on smp9.
  13. News:
    Well everyone, I think I'm gonna do this on my own because nobody applied. I'm gonna set out tonight on an undecided server.
  14. Update:
    On smp3, probably gonna head north, I'll keep you guys updated.