Wilderness Reset?

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  1. Hey all, anyone hear if the Wilderness is going to be reset anytime soon?
  2. The wild will be reset when there is a fair amount of new stuff incorporated into the game.
  3. it would make my minecraft friends weep but i fully support a wild reset
  4. I dont really want another one. Hopefully never because there are many places that would be massively affected by it
  5. Like jrlizard said nothing was added to wild that change it dramatically so a reset has little purpose
  6. I would like one, but just imagine rebuilding LLO.
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  7. Actually, its reset when it needs to be. And that is when technical difficulties occur with old worlds. There is a lot of resources left, people just need to travel out for more then 4 minutes.
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  8. 10x Speed potion II's, 10 obsidian to make a gate,flint&iron,Make a top tunnel in the nether and bam your 30k out like that :)
  9. Such as when Anvil was released for world generation and old worlds had to be converted, servers cant do this only SP
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  10. something was added which is Witch Huts in Swamps... gotta travel out to find one of those
  11. It's not a huge change, and the only thing it requires is some patience to go out far enough to generate new land.

    I am against a new wilderness. When Anvil (MC's current world format) was released, the wild would have glitched severely if there wasn't a reset, plus, Jungles.

    1.4 doesn't and has not glitched the wild, and hopefully 1.5 won't.

    Oh, and also, townies, if you say "what you built, you can always build again", I'll have you know you're townies. You live in the town, and pay rare visits to the wild. You will never find a new location to build it on again, you will never have the outcome the same either.
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  12. not true.

    MP updated to anvil exactly the same.

    just our worlds pre 1.2 came from BETA... so it was a mess.
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  13. Yeah thats what I was trying to get to :p
  14. There is land near spawn that is not generated. The first day of 1.3.2, i went out on smp6. Within a few minute boat ride, i had found an extreme hills biome.
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  15. Already made a tunnel going 5k out in the nether to a fortress :) but sadly died once i had wither skele in my sight...dang ghast :p
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  16. yeah, not saying it cannot be done easily... just saying that new stuff was added in the last two updates. when was the last time there was a wild reset anyway? there hasn't been one the whole time i've been playing.
  17. If I'm corrected some time in February or March, for the reason new Jungle Biomes
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  18. was since i have been playing 300 days
  19. It wouldn't matter if the wild was reset anyway, it would still end up looking like it does now, with the horrible bomb sites in the PRA, which was reset a few weeks ago, and whatnot. If you take the time to play the game right and travel out to the wild and look for these things then you should be able to find them.
  20. We had this nice flat land where we could mine now its full of water! Its so annoying
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