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  1. I just like everyone has been griefed from time to time. It sucks but let's face it, it is just impossible to watch anything in the wild 24/7. So, I was wondering what the players and mods thoughts were on traps place in a home in the wild. As an example, say i was occupying an island 30,000 blocks out and most of my chests are locked. However, one day someone decides that my home looks appealing to them and take the 2 1/2 hr journey to get there just to wreck havoc on my home. So with that said, am I allowed to post a sign stating that I am occupying this house/area and warn people that it is considered griefing ect ect... Then when they decide to start exploring my house, they step on a plate to go through a door and a piston pushes their dumb*** in a lava pool.

    Any thoughts??
  2. i think that it should be allowed, but technically it is a form of PVP... you should ask justin or gamekrib about it, because then they can allow traps.
  3. Err.. Traps are not allowed just to let you know but I have to agree that 2 1/2 hours just to destroy someones house is kind of stupid and dumb. Well I hope you have a good talk cause this is a insta-ban if it were in a moderators point of view.
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  5. Haha I am being quoted!!! :)

    These form of traps would be considered PVP and against the rules. We can't tell the difference between someone guarding an area, and some just trying to trap and kill players.
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  6. what about building a 3 layer thick wall, but the middle layer is lava? They only get hurt if they destroy your wall.
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  7. lol i remeber him saying that in a thread but i couldn't remember where so i just stole it from you! sorry :p
  8. I'm sorry, I had to take it to! :D

    Also, I believe stuff like this should kind of be allowed, but only if they do not kill. (AKA, it drops them into a pit and they have to dig them self's out.)
  9. or maybe drops them from level 60 to bedrock... I know, I know, I can dream can't I?
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  10. wait i was thinking... waht if a trap "accidentally" dropped them into a mineshaft where they are stuck in an obsidian room and the only way out is through the horde of venom spiders? that way its not pvp... im just kidding i would never do that! im a townie. i buy stuff to build!
  11. I remember Justin saying in another topic that obvious traps ( a big hole down to bedrock for instance) Are the player's own fault if they get killed...
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  12. How about the mod. Trap craft?
  13. a mod like that wouldnt work since it would need to be installed on the server as well. it also seems like a pretty vicious mod, so i vote no on that whole thing.
  14. If you want to see a mod review of it jus t type trap raft in YouTube!
  15. i have seen a review of it but what i am saying is taht EVERYONE would need to install it as well, clientside, and i know that there are a lot of noobs who dont know how to do that, so effectively half of EMC was lost. i have said this parable a few times, so here it goes. suddenly EMC requires a clientside mod. newcomers are wary. oldies who cant install it leave and spread hate about "EMC, the server that controls you! its horrible!" then less people come. as new versions come out, the mod doesnt get updated. suddenly after a month people start leaving to upgrade. Justin in his frantic hurry, tries to upgrade the mod. a few people come back to the ruins. this cycle happens again and again until only a few avid EMCers are left. suddenly justin loses his ability to keep the servers running (AKA no supporters). he closes all but one. what few remain who had locations on those closed servers leave. only a few are left. running out of options Justin says no more trapcraft, but its too late. everybody has heard rumors and lies of EMC, the sercer taht was, but isnt anymore. Justin is forced to close, ending EMC.
    its sad to think about. i have seen many servers fall down this road before. servers requiring clientside mods never survive long.
    also trapcraft is PVP, which is against the rules. also, fake grass? seriously? fans? seriously? i dont like it. make your own server with it. maybe that will work, but who knows, im not god.
  16. Ok. Sorry. I just really didn't understand the first time you said. Wea all do not have to get mad.
  17. lol sorry i always do that when im tired, have homework, something bad happened, etc.
  18. Ok. Well my ideas of this solution is gone. I am gonna try and think of another one. But anyone else have any other ideas?
  19. maybe we can ask justin nicely to add a system taht i think would work. we use all the blocks o stuff as barrier protection. i saw it on a server called endless horizons! they use a system where iron blocks make a 40x40x20 area safe for just you, or your clan. im sure justin could modify it so its just you, and maybe make the field smaller, but i think that would work in making places safe! but then maybe a different idea would be to have only say 10 block spots available to avoid tree-huggers protecting land. then maybe gold can allow the player who set it up to let others build there too.
  20. maybe it should be allowed if there is a permanent sign that specifically said "if you destroy this home you will get hurt". or a sign thats 1st line is [WARNING] and then the server sends you a message when you are close enough to it that warns you that mines, homes, mob grinders, etc are grief proofed with types of traps. it would cost rupees though, so that people dont abuse it:) and it could have size classifications like [MOB GRINDER] for a bigger area, or [HOUSE] for a smaller area! just an idea:)
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