wild roads

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do you like them and shuld all servers have them

yes to i like them yes to all servers should have them 24 vote(s) 70.6%
no to i like them no to all servers should have them 4 vote(s) 11.8%
no to i like them yes to all servers should have them 0 vote(s) 0.0%
yes to i like them no to all servers should have them 6 vote(s) 17.6%
  1. some servers have very long roads in the wild but others
  2. These roads are player made, it does help it getting across the damaged terrain in the perodic reset area. However, they're at risk of being griefed daily by players who are lazy to venture out further to gather materials.
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  3. What if the roads were made of obsidian. Expensive but takes very long to destroy.
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  4. on smp9 there is a road with many diffrent turns every time i go back to it someone greifed the front so i fill it in with worthless dirt :)
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  5. I say no. More routes for greifers to make giant holes further into the wild.
  6. well they make it faster to get to the further out islands and greifers are nearly impossible to stop sooner or later they would have made it out that far themselves.
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  7. It's quite sad that one ends up all alone in the wilderness far from any other person online just to get away from griefers. many a time I typed something in the chat only to realise that noone is close enough to hear me.
  8. Join the LLO :) We are a great community, over 50 strong, and we have had almost no griefing over several months of existance.
  9. The idea has been posted countless times.
    The project has been completed a few times.
    Why do we not see them?
    Because no matter what it's made of, the griefers will get them.
  10. The only option i see is connections between the outposts out of bedrock. Obviously it would have to be done by admins, and frankly all griefers would do is pour lava on it or something.

    Other than that, whatever it's made out of will no doubt be mined up or griefed.
  11. maby we could have repair teams
  12. So basically people who work for free and who's work is work is destroyed in a day? I'm all up for community spirit, if you've ever seen me in game you'd know how much I encourage it. Problem is this just wouldn't work.
  13. *repair*
    "Aw, I'm done wih this BS."
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  14. shhhh, you give them ideas!
  15. unless its bedrock
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  16. Listen, no matter what its not going to happen. Roads in the wilderness is just a plain numb topic. If JustinGuy (Not ICC cause apparently he doesn't have access to admin commands even though he is one) were to protect the roads stretching from outposts to the main spawn that will cause major fluctuations in the processing capability of the server resulting in lag, do you like lag? No, I thought so.

    If it were made of bedrock it would make the game feel "easy" and bedrock forming above the sea level isn't normal. Also as someone mentioned above someone would just pour lava. Plus repair teams? What, your going to make the moderators stand watch at the roads and see if someone does something bad to it and ban them and fix the road? I think that's a horrible idea.

    Do you have bedrock roads in SSP? No.

    If someone is going to argue "We should remove outposts if its not part of the vanilla feel" then again outposts are like another spawn but farther out so players don't have to go to one griefed spawn area. Outposts are like second resort from the main spawn.
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  17. I think they meant players dedicated to repairing things, not mods.

    And if they catch them in the act, screenshot and report :D
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  18. do you ever have anything nice to say?
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  19. or peaple may sea it and fix it