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  1. Well, I'm a new member, only two months since I entered to EMC, but I have seen that you have reseted before the wild/wastelands. I know wastelands are more often to be reseted, but because of the new biomes and blocks, are you going to reset also the wilderness?, because I have some things out there and I don't want to loose them.
  2. The wild will never be rested because we have the Wastelands now :)
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  3. I wish the wild had a 1.7 map but sadly not. Exploring withnoutposts would be so much fun with new biomes but we would have to wipe out the old outposts.
  4. Aikar is apparently planning on adding new outposts in the wilderness. So that may make 1.7 biome exploration easier.
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  5. I meant like player made outposts/towns
  6. Its doesn't matter the wild will never be reset but to find the new biome when emc updates you have to go into new unloaded chunks which is over 5,000 blocks away.
  7. I think they said that when the dragons tomb update will come if you beat it, it will give dragons egg which will be interchanged for something like outpost in wild.
  8. Well since you are new you probably don't know that dragon tombs is gonna take a very long time to come out. It has been a running joke for how long it has been in progress. And what they were saying was that there will be teleports to farther out in the wilderness where the new biomes will be present making it easier to access them.
  9. Wild will never be reset. Wastelands will be reset with each major update. E.G. 1.7.2
  10. It's closer than you think. :)
  11. Of course, but it will be easier to find new chunks with outposts(AKA teleports)thousands of blocks out.
  12. Shhh Jack ..... :p
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  13. Okay I'm getting my god gear ready now:)
  14. Armor is provided, can't take your own :)
    AKA your given leather armor and a wooden sword to defeat something that is harder than an enraged enderdragon :)
  15. That sentence right there is false. We haven't reveal what kind armor is provided when you enter DT.
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  16. That's what I've been hearing :p
  17. From Whom? if that from staff mostly false information
  18. Just... around :p
  19. That's not really reliable source. Onion News has more facts if we go by your sources.
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  20. I get their daily paper already :3