Wild Reach (SMP3)

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  1. Hello! Today I am posting this about Wild Reach on SMP3. Founded by me and Pat2011 roughly two years ago, we are now trying to revive it. Wild Reach is based around the idea of the LLO, which is that people can come and build what they wish without a lot of regulation. We do have some rules and guidelines, which include:

    1: All EMC rules
    2: Keep all buildings at least 10 blocks from another building that is not yours
    3: Please don't build all cobble buildings (Yes I am aware there some cobble buildings, but we can't do much about those right but we ask that no more are built.)

    This is an older camp, and because of this there are some houses/buildings built by members who are no longer active in the camp or on EMC in general. We must wait at least 6 months until those buildings can be taken down and the locks removed, so in the mean time we are taking down those that have been inactive for six months.

    Wild Reach is situated largely on a swamp and backed by a jungle, along with a desert to the south. We have one public zombie grinder, along with nether access. We also have a large wheat farm. We are working on a nether route, so in the meantime, anyone coming would need to trek across the overworld.

    Some pictures

    The "historic" part of the town. Mostly buildings built when the camp first started.

    The jungle and library, along with Pat on top of his treehouse.

    And the secret Camp Classy, which maybe one day you will be allowed to go to.. ;)

    If you would like to join, please post here and me or Pat2011 will send you the cords. :)
  2. I've just marked off an area for pit mining.

    Any part of the desert past that line can be freely mined, but you cannot pit mine on the other side or into the other biomes.
  3. The Desert Canal is Finished, next project. Nether Rail.
  4. So this is what Pat has been up too..

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  5. how far away is the outpost?
  6. 3313 blocks