Wild MEGA BUILD! All help wanted

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Are you interested in helping with this build?

Yes 6 vote(s) 28.6%
No 8 vote(s) 38.1%
Maybe 7 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. In my outpost Farbranch, on smp7, me, Gawadrolt and nutriciousbudha have decided to make a HUUUUUGE wall around Farbranch.

    Now, if you were in Farbranch, you would know how big and how difficult this will be.

    We are making it out of stone bricks, and ALL donations are welcome, wether they be rupees or items.

    Please ask if you want more info.

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  2. Need regular stone and we can smelt cobble as well. The wall is just under half done but we need outposts along the wall and to put in "entryway" or large gates and could use concepts.

    Also a shout out to Dreacon78 and Agentturtle99 for helping. Dreacon helped build a portion of the wall and Agentturtle built and designed the river crossing that looks great. Thanks both of you.

    There is also a minerail(which I messed up with not enough powered rails along the "diagonal" sections) that will transport you from entryways/outposts along the top of the wall. It is currently about 1/8th the way around farbranch so iron/gold donations would be greatly helpful as well, as well as laying the rail.
  3. I could hook you guys up with say a DC of stone? On me of course
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  4. Would you like me to pick that up? I can come get it now. Your res?
  5. I'm at school, I'll set up a access chest at /v marshmallow369
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  6. Cool, will get around to contacting them and adding them as members, and ranking them up :p

    tysm for supporting this :D
  7. I set up the chest at /v marshmallow369 3. Enjoy!

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  8. Thanks to everyone that helped build this massive wall. The foundation has been laid, the wall complete. It's now time to pretty it up. I have some templates in mind for outposts along the wall, have started the minerail(its not even close to done and needs lots of track) and have been working tirelessly on the very first entrance-way into farbranch, the creme of the wall. With budha's design genius we have come to learn we will need lime green glass and GREEN clay. We also have a castle scheduled to start going up within the month. Still doing brainstorming on designs/materials but the green clay/lime green glass will definitely be a big part(interior/windows/etc.) The main build team at farbranch usually plays pretty late though we have 5 of us actively participating. 7-8pm is the earliest you will see most of us, EMC time. With the majority of us staying on regularly until around 4-6am emc time. Special thanks to WyntyrReavyn who built about 30%-ish of the wall by herself. Man was I surprised when I logged on <3
  9. Did you pick up the stone?
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  10. OMG thank you sooooo much for your help! What are all the names, I'll bump you all up to diamond rank. I didn't know you spent that much time on it! I can't thank you enough. And I'm sooo sorry I haven't been able to help much, I'm really busy in IRL. I'll try my absolute best to help in the next project
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  11. Do you guys still want the dc of stone I offered? I set it up a couple days ago at /v marshmallow369
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  12. Yes sir, I will swing by and grab it.


    Dreacon78 (not a farbranch member I do not think)
    Agentturtle99 (not a farbranch member eiher... I don't think)
    Another person came and laid a couple of blocks and left, don't remember the name.

    Names are ordered by who invested the most time in helping.

    Eqj has been on a lot lately doing different things. PikminNate has helped me dig out what will eventually be Erobor city. He is young, I explained to him how to apply but am not sure if he could be able to navigate the forums well enough to apply. (he claims he is 15, which is decidedly not true XD)
  13. Just went to your res, lots of dcs and a pretty building but no access signs
  14. Hey there...

    Just wondering, Other than the dc of stone marshmallow369 is donating, How many dcs of cobble do you need?
    If it's not too many, than I might consider donating them... If it is... then I will still donate some and even a really good cobble gen that I don't think most folk know about if you would like. :)

    If there is anything else you might need. I would be glad to help :)
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  15. It's at my /v marshmallow369 3
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  16. Where is it? I've been busy with joining the military. I wish to help though.
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  17. That's why i donated stone. Lol
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  18. I'll donate stone and stone bricks. I can't wait to see the finished build! :) but it won't be this week. I am very busy with my life outside of minecraft XD
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  19. ha lol
    would you mind asking if the non members would like to join?
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