Wild Locked Doors/rooms

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  1. When I started this Idea I was thinking about how to make a room and lock it in the wild. At first I was going to suggest an expensive block that can only be broken buy the player that placed it, and is destroyed when broke. So it would be an EMC Store only item. But searching I found that new blocks isn't going to happen.

    So I think I know how it can be achieved with locked chests. But one component is missing. That would be a lockable Iron door in the wild.

    This may have been suggested before but I had trouble finding it via search so I thought I would throw it out there.
  2. Unfortunately there's too many ways around this to be practical.. you'd have to encase your room in obsidian or something to make it not worth going around the door... griefers could just dig right around or under or even over the door... it;d be a waste of money on your part to lock one :/
  3. Dragon Egg.
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  4. That explains EVERYTHING.

    Can you go in a bit deeper in detail?
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  5. Look it up in the wiki.
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  6. A dragon egg can only be collected by the player who placed it (used to be anyway). so you have a egg acting as your doorway, this is what i assume is meant here...
  7. This is just how some of the Minecraft community are. Griefers are Griefers and we all hate them. If you want a nice protective base, go far out and build one. Lock some chests.
  8. If you are really desperate then surround the house in locked doors. No one can get through them.

    The dragon egg will let you claim wild once the dragon tombs update comes out.
  9. I was thinking it would be expensive. But I think by using a multi layer stacked chest wall, it could be locked, provided an open able door. Could use a chest door, but that would be expensive to break for entry. I realize it wouldn't be cost effective or practical in anyway, even if special blocks were introduced. Actually any way I look at it, a lockable room is just a rupee sink.

    Punks will be punks and they will get banned. This idea (for me) isn't so much to protect my stuff. If i were to spend that much money building chest walls or the idea of special blocks, I may as well lock the stuff up in a chest. It was more of a "just because" sort of idea. Something to make once I have collected most things that I can collect in the world. A 10x10x10 room would be a couple thousand rupees to do.

    I myself don't have a dragon egg. Having to think, the only thing I can think of that a locked room could protect is books and an enchant table. But even those things are easily replaced and monitored.

    In terms of the Update, That sounds super exciting, but its also the type of thing that requires group work to achieve. Not something I really ever do. But that's my problem not EMC's
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