Wild East Public Mob Farms (cube corp) Smp 7

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  1. the previous thread started by founder, cubefragment can be seen here: https://empireminecraft.com/threads/smp-7-public-wild-utilities-aka-cube-corp.68458/

    Welcome to the New thread for Smp7 Wild East Public Works -Mob Farms

    A Short History:

    CubeCorp Public Works opened the first phase back in October 2016. Since that time it has come a long, long way.

    New ideas will always be considered:
    • if they are possible to build and make efficient for emc
    • if they are useful to the community
    • if there is a place to locate them
    * Previous requests for a music disc farm have been that prior to 1.15 the usual farm designs just don't work well on emc and produce very, very little loot and therefore not worth the effort to build them.

    Obvious Rules that bear Repeating:
    • Do NOT place blocks anywhere (heads on Head Farm wall ONLY)
    • Do NOT attempt to access parts of the farms that have no doors or other entrances
    • Do NOT monopolize the farm, make a group and share the xp or take turns - keep it civil and friendly
    • Do NOT make 'improvements' or other alterations to any portion of the Public Works Complex
    • Do Follow all EMC rules for player behavior
    • Do not place any Blocks within 100 blocks of any maintained sidewalk or farm. If you wish to place a build, you must ask for approval before building.
    • There have been some incidents of griefing and building without permission. We are working on clearing those up.
    • Digging around the mob spawners or around the farms causes damage by flooding.
    • Please don't mine here! There really isn't anything here. Go to the Waste, please.
    • Beds are being added in public areas in case you need to prevent phantoms from spawning. Please request a bed placed, instead of placing one yourself (as these will be bmoded and we won't be able to remove them, if needed)
    IF You DIE in a Farm and NEED HELP Retrieving Your Items? Ask in Chat for a Member of the Wild East PWU team to help you get the items back! (if we can)

    While the founder cubefragment, is off and healing you may contact the Caretakers:
    KatydidBuild and Tbird1128

    Headfarm - contact TheBuilder-500 or KatydidBuild

    Slime Farm - contact Progryck or KatydidBuild

    Nether Slime Farm - contact Progryck or KatydidBuild

    Blaze Farms - contact KatydidBuild or Tbird1128

    Wither Skeleton Farm - contact KatydidBuild or Tbird1128 or Unixbrain

    the Wither Kill Station - contact KatydidBuild or Tbird1128

    Phantom Membrane Farm - contact Progryck or KatydidBuild

    Iron Farm - contact KatydidBuild or Tbird1128

    Guardian farm - contact KatydidBuild or Tbird1128

    Skeleton farm - contact KatydidBuild or Tbird1128

    Cave Spider Spawner - contact KatydidBuild or Tbird1128

    Dual Spider Spawners - contact KatydidBuild

    Romeo's Public Garden Area - This little area was built with (belated) permission from Cube. It servers as a common area for all visitors to the Public Works. Please treat it kindly and do NOT place additional blocks or grief. The area is not allowed to have additional builds.
    - contact KatydidBuild or Tbird1128

    Gold farm - contact KatydidBuild or Tbird1128

    The Ruins - contact KatydidBuild

    New Northern Expansion Area Coming! - (new farm area in the works for this area)

    Eastern Build Area Rehabilitation - contact KatydidBuild or Tbird1128




    Approximate Boundary for Public Works

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  2. Any and all approved builds in the Wild East Public Works complex (cubecorp) have had an authenticity sign added. Any build without such sign/permission should contact cubefragment, Tbird1128, or KatydidBuild to seek permission for their build. Unauthorized builds are griefing and will be treated as such.

  3. cubefragment has been on in the last month!
    He is working on building/installing an iron farm design that will be finished and functional for the 1.16 update.
    Please do not place blocks in the area or hinder the construction work.
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  4. The Gold Farm has been updated.
    The Iron Farm is functional and turned on.
    The Guardian Farm has a new elevator to the collection floor.
    The Wither Skeleton Farm has had repairs made to one side that allow for greater spawn rates now.
    Wither Kill Station is accepting donations of soul sand, if you bring some to use, you may leave the extra.
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  5. In order to help EMC staff with the persons to contact for any issues at the farms, this thread has been updated with players to contact with issues at any of the public areas, as well as a map of the Public Works Area for reference.

    A new message board has been added at the road entrance from Wild East spawn. So that we don't need to walk over the rule signs ;) just to get into the area.

    The ice boat speed path is awaiting a design update (player perms are the hold up)

    The slime farm is working great! and is a welcome addition to the public works! Thanks to Progryck for all the work on that and also to the Phantom Membrane Farm nearby the Slime Farm.