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  1. So it is starting to look like our base is a lost cause since someone (s) is griefing it and we can't stop them. They keep breaking and stealing but there just isn't enough proof to figure out who it is, so it looks like we lose and now we need to move, until we get griefed again.

    Anyways to the point, there HAS to be a block that can be detected by the staff, something some where that says it was broken by so and so. I have played on a couple other servers where griefers have been detected, within minutes of being reported, and banned. I do not understand why people can get away with griefing on EMC. I do not understand why blocks can't be tracked. I don't understand why people can't mind their own business and leave other people's stuff ALONE. I don't understand why the creators are the ones being punshed because the griefers keep coming back. EMC is way better than the other servers but it kills me to have our stuff broken and stolen again and again and again... And it SHOULDN'T matter that our base isn't 10,000 blocks away all the teleporters. It is our creation and it should be protected from griefers.

    Quite frankly this makes me want to stop playing Minecraft all together and it isn't fair, to us, that the wrong doer is free to do as they please. We have monthes tied up in our base and to watch it get broken and stolen from breaks my heart. The worse part about it is no matter where you go, people can still see it on the map and they can find it and grief it all over again...

    In closing, to the JERK who is stealing from our dark room spawners and iron golem farms, I will see it BURN before you benefit from our labor. We will destroy it and take what is ours with us.

    Sincerely, heart broken and angry,
    dresden72 (with killeddallos & 96talon)
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  2. Have you PM'd a staff member - http://staff.emc.gs ? Blocks can be tracked, some info is required and which ones specifically aren't revealed, but they can be caught. Give that a go if you haven't :)
  3. As Alexchance said start convo with a few staff members in it. Also have you been using /report it really helps staff in the long run.
  4. We have PMed staff and this is the outcome, our lose and the griefers gain. :(
  5. Mind if I invite you to the PM Dwight?
  6. Sure but I won't be apply to look at it until 4 hours till now in class.
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  7. Thanks!
  8. We log numerous blocks, so there is a good chance of identifying a griefer if you can tell staff when and what was broken.

    Expected Time periods will be important too, as we have other ways of finding suspects too.
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  9. I was told that a certain block (if you want to know I can tell you since it seems you guys are trying to keep them secret) was detectable, so I placed those blocks all over the place in hopes that person would break them. When the thief broke them I PMed the locations only to find out those blocks were not detectable... I would build my whole base out of detectable blocks if I have to. If the blocks are not meant to be public can someone please PM a list or a couple of them to me so we can use them to prevent theft?
  10. They are not public for a reason - if one person knows, lots of people may find out, almost making it pointless being able to track that block.

    Just PM staff with what blocks were broken and as much detail as you possibly can, and they will get onto it for you. :)
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  11. Please don't give up, I know that it's heartbreaking to see.

    If they return to the same location several times and cause damage each time, they will surely be caught.

    I would be happy to donate materials to make repairs if needed, but I know that the time is usually the big expense.
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  12. Another option is to find players who are online different times than you are and they can hang out in the outpost. I wouldn't mind doing this if it's on a server other than smp8. I'm online most evenings til pretty late (my time) and I can watch to see if I see anyone.

    I'll also donate items and even help repair whatever is broken if you PM me and let me know what help is needed!
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  13. The items lost are not the problem, here is how I feel about this intrusion:

    You leave your home for the weekend, you come back to see someone broke a window and stumped mud across your living room, but nothing else is missing. How do you feel? You feel violated. So you fix the window, clean up the mud and go about your life. 2 weeks later you go visit your grandmother for the weekend. This time you come home, a different window is broken, but you notice your TV, lap top, ipod, computer, x box are all missing too. Then you notice the back door is jimmied open and the lock is broken. Now how do you feel? Your insurance will cover your items but you have been violated twice now AND they have broken your lock and they can come go as they place. What do you do? You fix it and add extra security, you add a few more lock boxes. Then over the next few weeks you notice stuff is not where you placed it, nothing is missing but the stuff in your fridge isn't where you put, your tooth paste is on the counter when you know you put it into the drawer... So you get nervous and check your locks and windows, nothing is wrong. But add a new screen door that only opens from the inside. You go away on a business trip for a few days, but the trip gets cancelled and you come home early. You head back to find your home looking ok, except the screen door is open a jar, you know the one that only opens from the inside... But you also notice that one of your steps has been ripped off your stair to the second floor. Now how do you feel? The piece of garage is living in your house somewhere and you can't find him!

    THIS is how I feel, I know this person logged out in the outpost because their minecart was at the enterance that they HAD to break to get in. When I left that area it was clear of minecarts and I know 96talon and killedsallos had NOT been there.
  14. that's why you find the guy and arrest him. we can then sentence them to the death penalty (aka banning) and you can watch as it all happens which means you get closure.

    in the meantime you actually grow the community by letting other community members help you rebuild instead of just doing it all yourself.
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  15. Sad to hear this has happened - if I can help with any donations or whatever please let me know
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  16. Thanks to all that are looking out for out investment... As Dresden stated, we put a lot of effort and time into this. Unfortuately this was all built prior to the notice that came out stated 10,000 blocks or more away from spawn. Worse case we will dismantle and set up much further out.
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  17. Thanks Just Five for your offer to donate. I think we'll be ok as long as this doesn't continue for much longer. I and my friends have all discussed just quiting due to this but were seeing a lot of support and that helps with morale on this end. Its good to see we have friends who care and want to keep our EMC Experiance a good one.
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  18. its fairly common knowledge on any minecraft server that the closer you build to spawn the more likely you are to get griefed.

    my advice would be to cut your losses and move further out its going to keep happening more then likely even if staff ban every griefer an hour after its still going to be found and messed with because of its proximity even 2k blocks out from a spawn significantly increases your chances of not being griefed
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  19. It would really suck to have to move it all, but I would be willing to help if it comes to that.

    You would need to think of it as an adventure or else it would be too painful. I am in NO way trying to justify the griefer!, just, without the wild protection update, it's very hard to stop.
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  20. yes we are coming to that realization that moving is something we are proabably going to have to do. Idk if you have been out there to see what we have but its massive . Even the ocean floor has been flatenend and stone brick layed along the ocean floor. I need to try and learn about portals so that maybe we can use them to get us out further and away from this issue. If you have any links about portals that would help me understand them better it would be appreciated. Thanks again for your time and support guys
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