Wiki needs clarification of macro/mod usage

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  1. (There have been a few threads on the topic. This is not a debate thread.)

    The wiki list of approved mods has a few macro mods listed with links to other posts for additional info. Those linked posts have some statements which are less clear and/or contradictory to new rulings.

    To prevent confusion and misunderstanding these should be updated/removed from the wiki.

    Here are a couple example:
    1. A moderator says it's OK to multi-box through macro automation, Krysyy has since posted that this is not allowed.
    2. A moderator says it's OK if your macro mines blocks for you. Another moderator says "Mining operations" are prohibited. (Is this just a point that needs clarifying?)
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  2. Spotted this just now. Next time you have a wiki suggestion it's usually better to PM either a contrib team member or a staff member, that will make sure that we actually spot it.

    First things first: there's not really any new ruling but Krysyy merely reworded some of the things to make them easier to understand. Still, that doesn't mean that there's no room left for improvement.

    I'll thoroughly read through the page again later this evening and compare it with Krysyy's comments, then I'll see if I can do something with your ideas. i.o.w.: write up a draft which hopefully makes things more clear then send that to staff as an update suggestion.
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