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Would you consider using this service?

Yes 10 vote(s) 71.4%
No 4 vote(s) 28.6%
  1. About
    Hello everybody! So by this title you see that i am opening a GFX shop. I am a student at Bath College in England doing a Course called UAL GRAPHIC DESIGN LEVEL 3 which is equivalent to 3 A levels so i can then go to university if i pass. This means i have strong knowledge on this subject and now i feel that i can begin to expand and maybe get some extra credit if you guys can help me! Practice makes perfect. It will cost a small amount of rupees as a motivation for me to keep doing these for you as i still need to focus on college this will create a higher priority so i will not forget about it. The prices are a little expensive as i spend about 45 minute at minimum on each of your requests. I would also call my self a semi professional in this because in my own time i have been creating art on the computer for about 3 years even before i knew there was a course like this. These prices also may rise due to me needing to focus more on my college course. Also if you pay more than i demand ill give you a higher priority on the other requests!

    GFX And Prices
    EMC LOGO : 5,000R
    EMC BANNER : 10,000R (Still need to learn how to make button for the banners)
    YOUTUBE LOGO : 5,000R
    GFX FOR A TITLE : 7,500R

    Examples of my work (Most recent is at the top, Some of this is FIFA)

    This one below is an abandoned server, not advertising :]

    Thankyou! Also if you can do the poll that's much appreciated!
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  2. Reserved!
  3. I would like a logo for this thread:
    Go wild on it... I do not mind
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  4. I would like a Logo for my company, I would like a circle which holds a big T. The background should be black and the circle and letter should be Green. I would need this in signature form and avatar form.
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  5. I would like a logo for my auctions being held here on forums

    Do something random, something that makes me look like an auctioneer and the text being "Shyguy Auctions"
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  6. Thats 12.5k sir :]
  7. 5k and im on it :]
  8. 5k And im on it!
  9. Paid
  10. When will it be done?
  11. Within the next day :]
  12. fbuilderS here is your logo!
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  13. EMC BANNER : 10,000R

    Can it have my character holding a cake in sort of like my avatar's pose with cake mountains and cake involved things behind in the background. Can there be 5 buttons: Profile page; Current Auction; Carthaga Outpost; Message Me; Service/Business. All pink caked themed please, ill pay once you confirm this for me :) If you want to add a special touch in it to make it more professional and cake-y then please do :)
  14. Im currently not sure how to do buttons :]
  15. Here you go! your logo and signature!

    Message me if you want any text on here, i was not sure as you didnt give me a company name
  16. OMG I love it but have like 50r...This reminds me of Finals 3D art shop, but thats closed down
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  17. ;]
  18. Mmm let me know when you crack how to do it :) I'll be waiting :rolleyes:
  19. Just cut the image in different parts, with one button in every part. PinkCaker will be able to link each individual image to the appropriate url.

    Anyway: I voted "no" in the poll.
    Not because I don't think you're good: but because I like to do our work ourselves, as I think that makes things more fun and graphic design is definitely not something we hate. :)
  20. Okay! dont pay me until ive sorted it! ill forget otherwide!