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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by CyborgTed, Feb 5, 2015.

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  1. I am not being ddos'd or anything, my laptop gets a solid 65 mbps on speedtest.net when I use the ethernet cable. Then this computer, is only getting 8 mbps... I have reset gpedit.msc, so that has nothing to do with it, reset/reinstalled the network card, and flushed my dns.
    Could someone please help?
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  2. Are there other wifi stations around you, there's a change that more wifi station sare using the same channel. WIth the result that your speed can drop dramatical. Also interference from some device can create problems.

    I suggest to try a different wifi channel first.
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  3. Did you try unplugging your router and plugging it back in? Also, do you get a better connection when right next to the router But on wifi?
  4. It could be your router, I has alot of issues with my old router where i could not stay on any online games from pc-xbox, so i went and got a more powerfull one, has a linksys E1000 and went to the E3000 and have had no issues with it for the last few years. The issue was the ruter did not have the hardware to support gaming on wifi.
  5. Tried all channels
    I get better connection on wireless with any device right now

    Router is 3 months give or take a week or 2.
  6. Developers/Aikar? Someone help :p
  7. You need a pretty solid router to support 65 mbps wireless, especially if you're in the basement with other users on it. Is it a laptop or a motherboard's built in wifi?
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  8. Seems like your best bet is to just keep using the ethernet cable...
  9. Not always practical to run a cable up and down floors or at large distances. Although it's always favorable for ping and reliability, it's not always possible.
  10. IT has supported 65 for the past 2 months, it is a newer router. Also confused on last question xD
  11. What's the exact model of the router? Also are you sure you tried every channel.. 1, 6, and 11 are well known to be pretty good on 2.4 GHz wireless. For me, channel 1 works best, but your mileage may vary.

    Has this computer ever hit speeds above what it is now or has it been that way for its entire life?

    By motherboard wifi, I'm asking you if you have a wifi antenna coming out of your motherboard (I personally have this one, not that I use it since my PC is 4 feet from the router), or if your motherboard has built in wifi. An easier question is what computer you're using.

    Specific models are good to know.

    Just a side note, 8 mbps is not bad. I'm not saying it's particularly good, but so long as you're not twitch streaming at source quality I don't think you'd need much more depending on what you're doing; although multitasking could easily need more. I just think [URGENT] is a bit of an exaggeration and you can live with 8mbps until it's solved :p

    Another question is if the upstream is taking a hit as well or if it's just downstream. The router is definitely your issue if the upstream is okay but it's only downstream. If they're both going down together then we can further troubleshoot.
  12. I download games at like 800 kb >.< It was at 65 mbps the entire time of it's life until sunday... No wifi antenna The down dropped like 3 mbps to :L
  13. You've only answered some of the questions :p
    Also are you on a laptop or PC? And if PC, what kind?
  14. Couldn't tell you model, and I am currently on the PC with crap download/upload. My laptop is fine. I am tempted to system restore, but I don't have a restore disk >.<
  15. Is this the PC you built? If it is, do you have the motherboard model #. Often built-in wifi solutions on PCs aren't the best, but I don't think that's quite it since you had it working since a few days ago. Have you tried reinstalling your network/wifi drivers?
  16. Nope didn't keep track of any model numbers :p Also have tried reinstalling, disabling re-enabling and everything >.<
  17. go to speedtest.net and check your speed, you could also be stuck in the network trafficing. ISP's do this to slow peoples internet down when they download so much. It could also be more people on your ISP slowing your connection, or something as simple as having a closed port being used to download. Took a while to find an open port to download on my isp.
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  18. http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html
    This can tell you what is in your system. Maybe post some screenshots of what the main components are.
  19. I'm helping him on skype but if you guys have more ideas still post them. To be clear, he's using an ethernet cable w/ Charter Communications ISP so they're not throttling him. It's also the only device that can't hit the speed. I'm thinking it's the network drivers but you guys can post what you think.
  20. There's always at the end a small change that the wifi part of the laptop is going bad.
    If you have a friend with wifi and a good connection maby you can test it there to see if it works bad to.

    Also make sure your wifi did not fall back to 11 Mbit protocol.
    Check if all antenna's are still connected correctly on the router, if you can remove them, try that and screw it back.
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