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  1. Hey! I'm Lou (the wicked), I'm starting an affordable building company! In this thread I will be posting my designs and prices (The most expensive of which will be around 4,00o rupees)

    There are certain rules, I will tell you what I need, materials and such. If you cancel in the middle of a build, I will require full payment. At my residence I will be selling "paper" with each price. Above it will be a description of the build.

    My residence is on SMP4 at /v lou_thewicked or /v +wicked

    I will set up a google docs page link with screenshots and descriptions of my builds, and the price

    Please message me if you have any questions! I am planning to open this new business by Friday, September 21st

    Thank you!
  2. Nice :)

    Do you also do schematica builds? That means that you install a modd, that is legal on EMC, which pastes a blueprint of the build in the world, one that only you can see. so you can simpely place blocks on the place they should be.
    I, for example, need this build to be schematica'd into position on EMC:

    (The project is more than just a baloon, but the other parts won't be publicly shown untill they're builded.)

    Though I'd probably start of with smaller ones, to see if you are able to work on a project like this, 202 is one of them, There are more than enough projects I need compleated, so that won't be a problem :p


    Next to that, nice to see more build services poppiung up: I would say that making a portfolio on Imgur really is the way to go. for example, this is the one I made when I first started my build service: https://imgur.com/a/JxlGD
  3. Do you build in the frontier?
  4. I wish I could build gigantically XD