Why you got Minecraft?

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  1. So why did you get Minecraft and How did you find out about it?

    In my case _Stads_ told me about it and Youtube was filled with Minecraft Things!
  2. I got the cracked version (Like everyone else) then saw mods on YouTube, thought that its just in Minecraft, so brought it.

    Fellyboy got it because he saw me playing EMC :)
  3. I never got cracked I always find it better to go legally cause then your supporting the Devs
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  4. I was 'testing' Minecraft before I brought it :)
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  5. Oh I tried Pocket Edition Before Computer Minecraft
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  6. I overheard a conversation at school
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  7. Lol no.

    Some guy on scratch.mit.edu made a Minecraft 2D and I found it to be pretty interesting even though it was crap :p I went onto youtube, and I found Paulsoaresjr when it was in Alpha. I bought it for Christmas 2010, after knowing about it for 2 months.

    I got the game because I love the idea of making your own house, making your own farms to stay alive, and building things - me & my brother have always liked things where you can make your own stuff. Except he likes LittleBigPlanet and I don't xD

    Also, even though 1.8 was teased to be really good, I liked for 2 minutes and then I was like
    'This isn't minecraft anymore...'
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  8. I heard about it on The Gamespot UK Podcast.
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  9. I just started searching, I saw Tekkit first, tried playing but I need an account, brought it then forgot Tekkit joined PvP servers until I found EMC
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  10. I was introduced to Minecraft by a friend who obsesses about video games and then moves onto the next, but he taught me how to play and it's now my favorite games, especially once I found EMC from a Facebook advertisment.
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  11. My friend told me about EMC which is how I found it :p He is regaining interest but very slowly...I have never even started to lose interest. I love the way the staff treat you, the way Justin made a unique experience, the way Aikar has so many cool ideas, and Maxarias' skin with the massive mouth.
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  12. I was browsing the interwebs and i somehow got to empire.us..
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  13. Hmm, youtubers mostly.
    I like to create stuff, also.
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  14. Such as warm and welcoming pie?
  15. Yogscast youtube videos and trying to know what was the ssssss kamikazi guy(creeper)
  16. And also a web,video,game,art called Newgrounds say play in EMC , and i ask what was EMC and then sonicol1 told me to play EMC servers
  17. WhiteBoy7strt. saw my cousin watching his vids, i started watch his vids, and one day i said " i cant take it anymore"

    i asked my grandma :p and got it . i found this server a week later ( first server i looked at ) and fell in love.