why the light?

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  1. So i just finished the shell of the my res mountain no openings of any sort and yet there is a HUGE amount of light. Any idea where its coming from and how to block it?

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  2. Must be a glitches block somewhere, try to find the source.
  3. Light seems to make it's way through blocks. I don't know why. Probably the gap between the edges.
  4. Try placing torches around the area and then getting rid of them. Apart from that, I'm not sure how you can fix it :/
  5. Are all walls at least 2 blocks wide?
  6. Ive doubled the thickness and its still there
  7. strange ...

    i'd experiment - just to test - with adding a second roof above the mountain and/or a floor inside the mountain

    if you make a small (5x5x5) dirt hut in the light area, is it dark inside?
  8. This glitch happens on my utopia res, there's light at the bedrock level yet the entire top is covered
  9. I believe that it's something to do with the sun, not unnatural light. I did a little research and couldn't find anything, sorry :/
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  10. I have come across something like this on my residence. For me it was dirt blocks that where a light source or some time air blocks:confused:.
    I assumed it was some where there was a torch that was glitched from the last owner of the residence when it was unclaimed.

    Try to find the center of where the light is coming from and destroy a block or two of dirt.
  11. Residences glitch out like that sometimes :/ I've been plagued by these glitches ever since I started almost a year ago. I believe it's something to do with residence...actually, scrap that. It IS something to do with the residence plugin because Residences are made with that.
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  12. Check to see if it isn't just a display issue. Check the debug screen to find your true light level.
  13. Actually, I think it's a MC issue as this happened to me in single player
  14. Iv come across this before. Unfortunately you have to find where the area is the brightest with F3 menu looking for BL I think or RL wherever the light level is highest in some of those spots you have to place a block. Unfortunately though you have to leave the block or it just comes back. At least that's what it has done for me in the past when building something that's only 1 block thick and such. I heard they patched it in 1.4 but I guess they didn't.

    Its really quite annoying. But on the bright side (ha ha get it?).. apparently in 1.5 they overhauled the lighting system so that it should fix those kinds of things apparently.
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  15. Perhaps in conjunction with what iamfuturetrunks said you could raise the ground level up by one block? I too have come across this and sometimes it does disappear itself but in other situations it doesn't :( Anyway I suggest trying raising the floor ;)
  16. Its the grass blocks that emit light for some reason! I think its a bug.
  17. Um the ones I have come across were way up high.. like in the middle as if the air blocks were giving off the light. I have had floating blocks in buildings in order to get rid of those light levels. I rarely find it coming from blocks near the ground.

    Never seen grass blocks giving off light but okay then. :S
  18. Light does seem to go thru blocks. Had this problem on my Utopia res too.
  19. I built a darkroom spawner 30 blocks high at the first floor. It also emitted its own light. I never did fix it.
  20. what is one block down from where the light is coming in the picture? Do u have a room down there with torches that are lighting through blocks?