Why smp6?

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  1. Why would the website recommend smp6? They are one of the least popular servers.(no offense to smp6)
  2. Yo get more new players to come to it. Hopefully boost their popularity.
  3. you do have a point
  4. i happen to like smp6
  5. I am not hating on smp6. I actually like the peace and quiet on it though I am on smp4.
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  6. You don't have to like one server in particular. While I enjoy the usual semi quietness of smp2, I often like going to smp1 or 9, when I need to sell something or just want to chat
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  7. i think the recommended server is the one with the most open residences
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  8. I think that is a rather badly thought through idea. Most players don't make it past the mandatory forum account and the tutorial. Considering that smp6 has the most open residences, it is way less populated, and also less welcoming. I don't know about you but I like warm welcomes to new servers, and suggesting the emptiest server wouldn't cut it for me.
  9. while i see your point, i think you are forgetting that 1 and 9 can fill up players can feel as welcome as they wish but i am sure they would feel alot less welcome if they cannot find a place to stay. i do hope there is some kind of rotating filter that changes it out every 48 hours or so to evenly distribute it atleast a little.
  10. Haha, you basically just answered your own question. I believe they chose SMP6 because it doesn't have enough players - which can just be a waste of money on a server. They're encouraging people to join as it will fill the server up more.
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  11. Well, smp6 is recommended due to lack of players and there are lots of residences open. There are so much derelict residences on that server, which makes me sad. :( I am happy that the empire is sponsoring it so we can get some more players in the server. The community is great there, and the chat doesn't have to be bothered. There are also a few good malls here at smp6 like M4nic_M1ner's res.
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  12. regarding this we have the new tutorial and new in game reg. you no longer have to sign up on the forums 1st
  13. Probably because, you know, smp1 and smp9 are already full of people, and the reset of us want new players on our servers.
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  14. 5 is the best wenever someone new joins everyone goes to greet them, 5 deserves all de peopo xD
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  15. And what about the rest of sides post? I agree with what sides said. Why would you recommend the emptiest server to new players where a warm welcome wont be given?
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  16. I remember the day SMP6 was launched, when it was all the rage with the kids, and everyone unclaimed their residences and moved up there....
    Damn I'm old.
  17. same with 4
  18. Because right after a new person comes on, 3 - 5 minutes later a new one comes on. Then it repeats till about 15 people are online(which is I guess enough) and they all talk to each other.

    Also mods are going on smp6 more often and I have seen SOME improvement since ingamereg came, so this could be good.
  19. I call smp3 to be put up next.
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