Why Pay More?

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  1. Hey all!

    Im here today to talk about the prices on smp1.

    As you may or may not know me and my buddies are going to open a bulk mall soon. So I decided to go scope out the competition. The "Mega" malls on smp1 are, 405 413 509 1536 and 1112.

    Heres example number 1:

    On the right is the shop residence number, and the names are the prices for 1 stack (64) logs.

    Shop Oak Birch Pine Jungle
    405 119r 109r 139r 99r
    413 128r 128r 128r 128r
    509 115r 115r 115r 115r
    1536 135r 135r 135r 135r
    1112 160r 192r 192r 256r

    Now those are just the prices CURRENTLY on smp1. I have highlighted the best prices in yellow and the worst in red. (if you ask me 256r for a stack of jungle is outrageous)

    Now let me tell you the prices of the bulk mall.

    Oak Birch Pine Jungle
    100r 100r 100r 100r

    Those are the prices for stacks of 64.

    HOWEVER this is a BULK MALL which means we sell as many items as possible which is 27 stacks (1728 blocks) or one single chest.

    These are the prices:

    Oak, Birch, Pine, Jungle
    2160r (80r per stack but only when you buy in bulk)

    So i ask you,

    Why Pay More?
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  2. You forgot 601 in the res store list.
  3. 601 is not a mega mall
  4. I noticed these prices on smp1 yesterday, and to be honest, I was blown away. On smp7, I have never payed more than 90r for a stack of logs. Although, this thread does kinda put down these mentioned shops, might have been better to not show their names.
  5. No i want 1112 to see their prices compared to everyone elses ;P
  6. I agree because in one day I bought stuff from 405 and I end up broke and I work with 405 and well I forgot the next one but ya I'm looking for good shops to shop with so I know if it is bad but be careful IpokemonI because you could sell out fast but thanks and pls don't count this as it is off topic
  7. Do these shops have sell chests too? They generally buy wood at higher prices, so they could be justified in having higher buy prices.

    It's quite presumptuous to go "I want this shop to see their prices" because shop owners almost ALWAYS know their prices. It's a shop owner's prerogative to price high to keep things in stock. If you keep them low, you risk never being in stock. I'm on SMP2, and my first thought when I need something is to return to stores that never run low on things, despite having a higher price. (Higher price within reason, but shop owners can also tell when product doesn't move.)

    I'll try out new shops if players advertise them, but if their chest is out of even one thing I need, I usually cross them off my mental list to visit again. Harsh, but there are people with different priorities in building. I prefer stock over cost. Many people prefer cost over stock. I rarely visit smp1, but I know 405 by name, because he has a wood market going. I know he will be in stock.

    tl;dr version: Advertise the good parts of your shop - don't put down others'.

    ETA: I like the idea of a bulk buy shop, so kudos.
  8. The reason why SMP1 is so expensive is because it has the most players and it is seen as the 'megamall' capital of EMC and a lot of people go there if there is no stock anywhere else. Another reason why it is so expensive is because the SMP 1 wild is pretty wrecked from heavy use, this means there is less ores and valuables. This can also contribute to SMP 1 people being 'lazy' (I'm not saying they are) because they have to go far out in the wild to get valuables.
  9. Actually my Mega Mall on 811 is willing to beat any other Mega Mall's price, so at the moment 811 has the best prices for everything on SMP1.
  10. ... At 14141 they used to sell stacks for 80r.
  11. alright whos the jokester that came to the mall and bought all the logs?
    Lizardking_ forgot to set move to false... so anyways, i hope you enjoyed the prices for the brief moment you were there :)
  12. Let me say this, i in no way shape or form mean to critisize any of the current shop owners for their prices. I just simply meant to compile all the information into an easy way for the members of the community to see how the prices stack up. Its not like this information is secret. ANYONE can go out and see the prices for themselves.

    Why Pay More?
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  13. What about 1728?
  14. You do know people can sell at whatever price they want :p Plus some stuff is hard to get and very time consuming
  15. Faith didn't make any of the sell signs, Randomzh does so talk him for price change.
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  16. i havent once said in this thread a shop owners name, nor is the purpose of this thread to ask for a price change
  17. The reason for these logs to be priced high is, it sucks to cut a bunch down, you are gonna sell out fast. I know fist thing once your mall is open ill be buying a ton of logs because you will be destine to change the price for these.
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  18. okay... I was saying this is reply to the comment that you made. Saying '

    No i want 1112 to see their prices compared to everyone elses ;P '

    And for the shop owners name... Really? If you go to any one of the malls (except 405) you will see a sign saying who is the owner. You can also do /res info 1112 to see res's 1112 info. If you don't want me to say who the owner is why don't you censor the res #?
    P.S Don't be like 'I'm always right', try being in the other person's shoes to understand there point.