Why not an Adventure Map Sever that Changes?

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  1. So i know the whole Adventure map sever thing has been suggested but why not have a sever
    thats for Adventure Maps and once a week on say Monday the map changes to a different adventure map for everyone to play on.
    That way EMC can set up a quick if you get to the end heres 100 rupees for each map...
  2. The Adventure Map Mode which was suggested for 1.3 Is the same as your suggestion. This Adventure Mode would not be joined with Any SMP.
  3. Thats where your wrong i did not suggest the Adventure map mode that will be in 1.3
    My idea involves finding the best Adventure Maps and once a week uploading them to that sever for a new sever Map. Then When someone completes that said map they get 100 rupees.
    I dont see how thats like going into an Adventure Map Mode and playing because there you cant change the map willingly and you dont get money when you beat it...

    But i will not argue with the fact that you said it wont be added.
  4. If you search the very early threads in the supporter forum I suggested this about ten months ago.
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  5. Oh well then, sorry about that didnt know...
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  6. No, my point was could you find it? Obviously I can't access it anymore.

    Just thought there might be something there that could assist this idea now that it's a bit more feasible than it was back then.
  7. This is what you posted:

    Now this is a pretty wild idea but I feel I have to put it out there so bear with me.

    I love the idea of custom adventure maps. The amount of time and effort some people put into creating them is beyond my imagining. I sometimes feel like trying a few out, but playing them by myself is a pretty depressing thought.

    So what I had in mind is to set up another world, or even server if necessary, in which you would load up a different custom adventure map every week or fortnight. Players could then jump in and play through them together. Of course to allow replayability, it would have to be reset every few hours or so.

    You could imagine it like an instance in an MMO, but it's just one public map (kind of an oxymoron).

    I'm not sure how the new ones would be selected. Perhaps during the week leading up to the change there would be a thread/poll to vote for the next map or provide suggestions.
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  8. Thanks for digging that up Alex.
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  9. I love this idea, but I think it would be reset every once in a while, and than letting other people in, and maybe a plugin that you can only one adventure map, you can play every map one time.
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  10. Welcome :)
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  11. What is your definition of "once in a while"?
  12. Should have put that in too, like a 3 hours, than kicking everyone and reset the map, and maybe do that you can only join 10minutes after the map was reset?
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  13. Yeah, like I said in my earlier post, it would have to be reset to allow replayability. Three hours sounds reasonable enough because it gives a very generous time frame in which to participate in the current instance and there would theoretically be eight separate instances per day, making it more accessible to people in other time zones.

    The way I imagined it is that each three hour instance is completely public. This means that a few people could start it together shortly after the reset and then maybe half an hour later someone else would join. However, this person would simply be trailing the initial party, so chests would have been looted, puzzles solved and traps set off. This may or may not be a drawback, but I see it as the only plausible way of implementing such a system, unless the programmers can somehow design a virtual instancing system.
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  14. Keep in mind that resets require server downtimes, don't think it will be much of a problem though.
  15. I sometimes play Survival games on a server, that one have reset times too
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  16. if the adventure map sever/world were to be added i would assume /vault would not be allowed for the sake of not getting free items when you entire the map.
  17. Well obviously. Ideally it would have no connection to the current server system, so it wouldn't come with all the excess baggage of unnecessary features like rupees, residences and many non-essential commands. It would be a purely vanilla experience from the player's point of view.
  18. well i would think rupees would be a good idea to add to these adventure maps, because if upon completing one it would give you a 100 rupees or something.
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  19. Some maps have diamonds hidden like a score, so 1 diamond give you lke 50r
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  20. It's a good idea in theory, but if it can only be completed once every three hours or so, it wouldn't be fair to everyone.
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