Why I've Been Happy

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  1. So I'm gonna start by saying that for those who know me knew I had a boyfriend in the Air Force don't get me wrong he's a great guy and I will always care about him but I decided and I broke up with him, there comes a time when some people are not happy and need a little more from the one they care about and if they can't make it a true relationship where both are happy then it was time for me to let go so back to why I am writing this and explaining why I've been happy and that's because while in the mess of things I've have been talking to someone for about a month and for just now we are friends and someone who makes me happy and lets me be me, we haven't stopped talking since talking, this person takes time at work to even call me even if it means i stay up with them because where they work from 10 P.M. to 6 A.M. or 2 P.M. this person has even come to my family BBQ and my family liked them so much I'm so glad that my grandma and my Dad the two people who matter the most like him and approve this person has gone camping since Sunday June 21 and they take the time to even call me then and take the time to say goodnight or good morning so this is why I've been so happy and can't stop smiling :):rolleyes::D
    so I am glad to share my great and happiness news with everyone and hope you all can be supportive and see now why i am so happy just in case some of you want to know
  2. :) so awesome very happy for you!
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  3. I'm glad you made the choice, Tomi.
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  4. Thanks x7mx i couldn't do it with out yours and aphy's and lance support and help!!! And i couldnt have made a great choice with out the one who helped pushed me.
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  5. Well, we're glad to have helped. And I'm just glad that you're making choices to improve your life.
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  6. Ya life is amazing!!!!
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  7. Tomi I'm happy that your happier than ever before :D
    (Quack ;) )
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  8. I'm very glad you made the right decision in life. Keep going on the right paths and you'll end up in a good place. :)
  9. (Quack!!!) Thank you!!!

    Thank you cadenman2002, you just have to do whats right and grow from it.
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  10. Thank you everyone for all the support!!! Its awesome and means a lot!!!
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  11. Happiness is truly the greatest thing mankind can achieve. Enjoy it. :D
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  12. Very happy that you are happy! (see what I did there =3)
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  13. Maybe I'll surprise everyone tomorrow with a picture if not tomorrow then for sure Thursday!!!
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  14. P.S. This person is also the reason I haven't been in game a lot and before that was because I was moving settling into the house and enjoying it then I got into relationship issues with my ex-boyfriend and since Memorial Day weekend I haven't been on because on Tuesdays and Wednesday its this person day off and when they are working let's be honest I wake up every day at noon then I go to the store between one and three then my dad cooks dinner and then sometime I take a nap to stay up late with this person so between that sometimes I will get on or sometimes I'm just outside and enjoying the day but let's get real sometime it's just to hot to even be outside but that's more of the reason I haven't been on much but I'll try to be on a lot hanging with the peeps I just had to get to a good place in my life...
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  15. Great to hear you're happy!
    I hope your ex-boyfriend is happy too.
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  16. Happiness is a wonderful thing :)
    And you know what they say, smiling is contagious ;)
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  17. Im glad this person actually talks to you, it was a good choice to breakup w/ the other dude for your true "Prince Charming"
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  18. awesome. i haven't stopped talking since talking either LOL

    you must be in love.
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