Why is Smp9 the recommended server?

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by Gadget_AD, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. All in the title.
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  2. Rather than post a really helpful reply to your question I am just going to cut to the chase and #BlameAikar
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  3. Well they did they were going to rotate it and perhaps SMP 6 wasn't going so well for new players because it's pretty quiet so they thought it would be a better idea to put them on a busier server? If that makes sense :p
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  4. Well Smp9 is getting new people alright but i think a bit of it has got to do with Krys saying about our server at MineCon :D
  5. Or perhaps they are simply rotating the recommended server on a regular basis.
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  6. Can I expect to see one of these forum posts every time it changes?
  7. challenge.jpg
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  8. Well, until it is revealed how the recommended servers are picked, yes. :D
  9. We put Fuzzball (my hamster) on his wheel. Every time he goes round, the server changes by the amount of times his wheel spins.

    He doesn't go on his wheel much.
  10. Much like the Minecraft Updates and Minecraft Servers going down, yes you can :)
  11. It's pretty much which ever one I feel is going to have better retention rates and has room for new players... :p
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  12. Isn't this why the recommended server was introduced?
    To get people on smaller servers?
    SMP9 is in no way small.
    Servers such as SMP2 or SMP3 need to be the recommended server to get people on them.
    Just my three cents.
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  13. And I thought there was some kind of fancy algorithm that decided which server needed new players...
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  14. Catch-22. Put the recommended server as the busy server to keep retention rates high and the quiet servers get quieter, their retention rates get poorer and soon the whole world implodes.

    I remember having to queue to get onto the servers when there was only three or four. Been a loooong time since they've been that busy,
  15. Well. My guess is there is elf behind the recommended server icon and when ever he wakes up from his long naps he changes it. Just a guess.
  16. Because people were complaining about SMP6 being the recommended server.
  17. Well I just met a new member who complained that there were so few open plots available on smp9, that he went to live on smp5 instead. :D
  18. Why is smp9 the recommended server? That's obvious, it's awesome! :p
  19. smp8 could use some love every now and then...
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