Why is My Head Not Dropping?

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  1. I've died repeatedly, yet no sign of a head yet. Lost count but I think I'm around the 30 mark. I will be continuing to die for the time being, but still no head. I've got my Head Drop set to On, but my PvP head drop set to Off. Should it be on as well?
  2. From what I know, your head drops every 1 of 35 times. My head still drops with PvP Head Drop Off, so I would just keep trying.
  3. head drop is only guaranteed with pvp, regularly you have the same chance as a zombie of getting it
  4. It's extremely rare to get a head to drop out side of pvp. ICC would have head drop parties where he'd die 100 times and only 2-3 of his heads would drop.
  5. Dang. :/ Of course, just my luck. Oh well. Thanks guys.
  6. Wow, I've done something wrong because the tunnel I made deep enough to kill upon hitting ground-- I reach the bottom and take absolutely no fall damage. :?
  7. How deep is it? Anything at the bottom, like water? Are you lagging at all? It has to be at least 23 blocks deep and have no liquid at the bottom.
  8. I've used it to die a few dozen times, it's deep, I measured it via jumping. There's no water at the bottom, hwever, since I've not any ladders with me, I did use a stream of water as an elevator. I stay close to teh wall when I fall, but now nothing works. I've got 30fps right now, 40 in the dark.
  9. Huh. Are you hitting ladders or vines on the way down? If you can't die, try opening a nearby chest. If you can't immediately open it, perhaps you are having some severe lag for whatever reason.
  10. no, theres a short cooldown from how quickly you can die, its to prevent being stuck dying from momentus standing on your spawn point
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  11. (Ignore this part found out for sure you can see this, so no need to bring drama to the forums), but I'd be happy to help you get your head.

    If you go to /smp3, then /v funtimes, then stand in front of the bedrock wall, anyone who kills you automatically gets your head 100% of the time.