Why is Glowstone so Expensive? And Why Does No one Like Dirt?

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  1. I've been thinking...why is glowstone so expensive?
    It doesn't serve any mining purpose and it just does the same thing as torches except u can use it on chandeliers. So why is glowstone so expensive?

    Why is dirt so cheap?
    It shouldn't be any more cheap than cobblestone...cobblestone is everywhere in the wild. Dirt is the same.
  2. Glowstone is a very nice decoration object and used in most projects.

    Basicly Glowstone's awesome! ;)
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  3. Glowstone Expencife = Becuse you gotta go 1000 blocks out to find anything at all
    Dirt Cheap = Becuse its so easy to get when you claim a res you get a 60x60x60 dirt cube
  4. Your res is a 60x60x65 area of dirt or a total of 234000 pieces of dirt that you own and can dig out for next to nothing so well Dirt is Dirt Cheap because it is the most abundant resource in town and the only naturally spawning recource in town FREE to EVERYONE.
  5. As someone who has spent many hours recently excavating several chests worth of dirt, I am more than happy to give it away for free.
  6. \\\but how about cobblestone? Cobblestone shouldn't be any more expensive than dirt cause it's even more common than dirt.
  7. it takes longer to mine and is not on your res
  8. Yea, but it takes longer to mine, even with a Eff V pick. And besides theirs over 20k dirt blocks in your residence.
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  9. Lol WAY over 20k, a 60x60x7 area is 25200 blocks:)
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  10. Why does no one like dirt?
    You mean, *Why doesn't anyone like dirt?*
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  11. cobblestone is useful for stuff like furnaces, and can be made into stone, stone bricks, and all the other good things. glowstone is great for lighting, and is so expensive because its almost rare in the nether. i recently spent a plethora of chachinnging-jingling oh so pretty and sparkling rupees (cant you tell i miss those virtual gems) to get 2 stacks of the glowing stone. also it can be used in potions, and you dont always get 4 dust when you break it, so there is actually pretty much a finite amount in EMC, despite how much it is. i say this because new people who actually have the energy to run out there to get glowstone arent willing to run 10,000 blocks through lava pits and angry ghasts and pigmen with a grudge for humanity. i was willing to pay down a few pretty rups for that. cobblestone can be achieved with stone or cobblestone generators, so you can get infinite amounts, although it will be more tedious with the wait and time mining. now dirt is only good for farming and temporary scaffolding.
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  12. Awesome sig.
  13. Mazz, have you ever mined Glowstone?
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  14. Also, this hasn't been mentioned.. When you are mining glowstone, each block you mine naturally, unless you are using silk touch, gives you 2-4 glowstone dusts.. It requires 4 pieces of dust to make one block of glowstone, so you aren't guaranteed a glowstone block back when you break one. On top of that, it is very dangerous to run around in the Hell biome because of the consistent layer of lava at 32 and the random ghast spawns and everything.. Or running through a blaze spawner. Zombie Pigmen are only dangerous if you hit them. Not to mention trying to get back without dying once you have a pocket full of glowstone. I have, several times, been close to spawn and then a ghast ninja's up on me and knocks me off the ledge into a fatal crater or into the lake of lava.. <,<
  15. Fortune III pick, your best friend in glow stone mining. IT gives you 4 dust (I think) every time.
  16. Or Silk touch...Does almost the same job just saves you a bit of time.
  17. Thats why I said naturally.. :3 ..its sad that glowstone maxes at 4...
  18. Fortune III dropping 5-6 at a time?! Godly
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  19. OK i get it now and yes i have mined glowstone u have to use dirt to get to glowstone like in climbing
  20. "Fortune" does absolutely nothing for glowstone.