Why i'm like a dragon.

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  1. I've always liked dragons, as you can tell from my signature and why I pretend to be one (or am I really one and i'm saying i'm a fake?). The question is; why do I call myself Dragon Soul.

    Well, my name is a Dragon Ball Z move. I used to watch that program when I was a kid all the time - but I hate the name. People shortened my name to 'Soul' when I came here, and my nickname at school is 'Dragon'.

    Reason being: I rarely ever talk, like I don't exist. But when I do talk, i'm screaming at somebody (or i'm with my friends). I basically have a mouth of fire is what they're trying to say. I don't know why - but I like the nickname, which is why my username on youtube is DragonSoul2050.
  2. What color dragon?
    What kind of dragon?
  3. umm... What?
  4. SoulPunisher is a dragon. It's not difficult to understand. Show some respect!
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  5. He is not a dragon! If he is, he shall prove it to up by giving me his egg!
  6. I think you have to slay him in mortal combat first.
  7. Hmmm i cant play any games rated T or M or AO so.... not likely. Not that i dont want to play the games, but even though im 14 my parents dont let me. :(
  8. Souls…dragons…:eek:
  9. Black.
    A morpher :D I can disguise myself as a pony, human, cow, or sheep.
    I'm a male....I can't lay eggs...
  10. False! Dragons have no gender.
  11. Lies. Dragons do have genders.
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  12. Not in minecraft :confused:
  13. Lolwut?
  14. In minecraft all dragons have eggs... There arent no "male" or "females"
  15. You're thinking of enderdragons; Enderdragons are inferior. They have no gender, rely on crystals to heal themselves, and they can't morph themselves into other species and can easily be defeated by a human.

    Morphlings (my dragon species) can morph into other species, heal themselves over time, shrink themselves, make themselves bigger, can actually breathe fire, and talk in English. We also have genders and don't age :D
  16. Oh yeah? Prove it!
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  17. Fine! I'll morph myself into a toaster.
  18. Pics or it didn't happen!
  19. Before:

    (This is me as a hatchling :p)