Why I don't play SP

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  1. You know that moment in Single Player you just know what you were going to build? I was going to build a nice village with a castle and a wall. ( Decided to play in the new Snapshot ) and I found the perfect place. I go into the caves to go search for iron ( which was unusually hard to find ) and wouldn't you know 6 creepers were waiting. I died 4 times. first time was an ambush and 2 creepers killed me. As I went for my stuff another explodes and takes half my stuff that I didn't pick up. Third time I was desperate, right when I went in another one killed me. The last time I went in was to see if I had anything to spare. One attempted to kill me but instead destroyed the remaining items and the other finished me off.

    Have you had any experiences as bad as this in Single Player?
  2. Don't play singleplayer, it bores the hell out of me :p
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  3. It's not that it bores me, or I get mobbed, most of the time I scare myself in single player. I'm so used to multiplayer where there are other people that in Single player I'm so paranoid other people are going to pop up out of nowhere and freak me out or something. I once scared myself when the pieces in the cave came out player shaped and I thought it was someone else.
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  4. I just find SP boring.
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  5. Same, but I am trying to force myself to like it... Don't ask.
    I am fine with playing alone, I just find it better when I am on a server with people who are either 10k blocks away or venturing with me.
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  6. I prefer multiplayer better because to me, my creations have more value than for just one person. For example: your technical farms can be used by others!
  7. I'm scared of sp because I know that herobrine isn't real, but still, even in creative.....
  8. I don't like SP because I get lonely. There's nobody to talk to, and even if you manage to build something really cool it doesn't matter because nobody besides you can see it.
  9. Unless you put it on youtube... But for some reason, sp is more laggy than the empire