Why hashhog3000 is so prone to death

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  1. Story time, kiddies! Gather 'round!

    This is the story of why hashhog3000 dies so much.
    When hash was a wee little hamster, he grew up in the Sahara Desert. He absolutely despised the heat.

    (Intermission for me dying, you're welcome Defne_The_Boss)

    The first ten years of his life were spent in agony and sunburns. Then, he moved to Alaska, and was overjoyed. He learned to associate snow with anti-Sahara. He also learned to associate hot chocolate with snow, and marshmallows with hot chocolate. He was crazy about snow.

    Then he moved back to the Sahara.

    There was no snow, hot chocolate, or marshmallows in the Sahara desert; only agony and sunburns.
    He was driven insane by the agony and sunburns, because he knew he didn't have to put up with them.

    His insanity led him to starting to play Minecraft. He found a blocky world in which he lived.

    Then he found EMC.

    Then he found out that I would drag him to hell to build things for me, and I did.

    He entered the nether for the first time, and found a strange new world. Everything was barren and unfamiliar.

    But hark! What to his wondering eyes should appear, but a giant marshmallow, just flying around! Tears flew from his happy cheeks (yes, his cheeks were happy) when he discovered that they were everywhere!

    He thought he couldn't get any happier.

    But then, he did!

    The marshmallows started shooting snowballs at him, showering him with memories of the wonderful Alaskan climate!

    He was enamored with this strange new world.


    One of the snowballs hit him, and he fell down, down, down, in to a giant lake...

    ...of hot chocolate! :D

    Finally content, he died.


  2. Did u get hash killed at Operation Swordfish Butts? :eek:
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  3. This is beautiful. <3
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  4. Wow, this is a really touching story :p
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  5. Stew.
    You know me better.
    I got hash killed EVERYWHERE.
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  6. This story is amazing <3
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  7. Hash loves me!? <3
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  8. Just found this as I was glancing through some recent threads. I will not confirm or deny that this story is true. :p

    Qwerty's correct on that one. I've died at least once (sometimes in full diamond gear) in every farm of TTMOF, whether by ghast, lava, falling into multiple grinders, AFKing against a cactus, creepers, ravines, slipping off a build, drowning, you name it. If there was any possibly way for me to die, I managed to find it. :p
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  9. I don't think you've died of starvation yet...
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  10. You can't on EMC, but I've definitely gotten down to a half heart due to it and then either been killed by a hostile or fallen off a four block high ledge. :p Probably on one of those times when I forgot to bring food and was snacking on rotten flesh.
  11. Do not worry, he got me killed too.

    Qwerty189: LOGGGG!!!!
    Qwerty189 disconnects
    AmusedStew disconnects
    Qwerty189 joined
    AmusedStew joined
    Amusedstew burned in flames

    Oh course he shoots a pigman when I am next to lava, just my luck.
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  12. Keep in mind that I had to pay for that SC of iron blocks, so that sucked for me too >.>
    I was trying to shoot a blaze, but I have no depth perception :p
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  13. Did hash ever die because he disconnected and when he logged his friends made a cave spider spawner and he was stuck in it? (yeah you are right, true story : P)
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  14. We must do that.
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  15. The closest things that happened to me to that were either when I fell into the squid grinder and ended up dead or when I fell into the gold farm while the chamber to hold the pigmen was full of around fifty pigmen and then Qwerty decided that that would be a good time to start killing the pigmen. It did not end well for me.
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  16. I think we all know how he dies, its him giving out hug vouchers to the wrong people. Every now and then he slips up and gives it to a bad person, and he vanishes never to be seen again. Moral of the story: be careful who you hug!

    Hash learned this the hard way............
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  17. Some people just take advantage of a good hug. :(
  18. Awww its not your fault, you are fluffy, hugging is part of your life. You can't help it that some people take advantage, hugs are addicting, some people just want them too much, they become addicted. If you don't hug them then they will start hugging random objects, you are saving the world from this.
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  19. Nah, you didn't die. You did server research, all for the greater good :)
  20. No, I definitely died. If you were to look at many of the later TTMOF farms, you would see many, many death chests Qwerty created to hold my remains scattered throughout the surrounding areas, particularly with the gold farm. :p