Why Go Anywhere else Except 10093?!

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  1. Dear Empire Minecrafters,

    My shop at 10093 on smp5 is finally starting to take shape and I now have regular costumers! Although, not enough!!! It has mostly match prices and many cheaper prices than the leading stores across smp5! So, if you ever need anything, come to 10093 instead of the leading stores!

  2. Your prices don't actually match and there not cheaper your saplings cost 8r that is too expensive in everyway and diamonds are 56 when the usual is 53
  3. 56 and 53 isn't a big difference. Anyone can spare 3r.
  4. XD Who even cares about 3r? I mean you get 433 times that for just logging in (1300r daily bonus).
  5. Cause some people don't like vaulting(answering the question in the title)
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  6. Go to the two best shops on smp5 'wassatthen and shavingfoam' have a look at their prices!
  7. This post was aimed at people who play on smp5! Secondly, if you can't afford to open your vault, well that's not my problem!