Why EMC makes me play minecraft

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by pulsater, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. my story is an odd one. A while back I joined the empire, I was new to minecraft and the people of smp3 were really nice. one day all that I wanted to build had been built, the Wild was too destroyed to live there so I left to play a private server. Now all this time later I come back. Why? Because I missed EMC. it has one of the friendliest server communities I've seen, admins and staff are happy to talk and sort out your problems. There always seems to be some interesting event going on too! so here's to you my fellow citizens of the empire, thanks for making the EMC servers the best of the bunch!! :)
  2. If you wanna build in the Wild, try the LLO on SMP7 its within a reasonable distance from spawn and has many other builders plus a friendly community with not too many issues.
    (Most of the time)
  3. Or maybe another wild outpost. There's plenty out there. Just ask around. :)