why does the wilderness have to be locked on hard?

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  1. Im not used to that difficulty... aka the instant-kill and door busting down difficultiy.
    nope. I was wrong.
    by instant kill i meant creepers instant killing you. its eather I read the creeper's statistics wrong or they changed it... yeah they do 49 dam. on all dificulties. sorreh.
  2. Instant kill?!?! Door busting?!?! I have had zombies come right up to my door, and it has never broke. I have also never be one hit killed from anything.
  3. It brings forward the essence of 'wild' I guess (personally I like it:))
  4. I thought it was on easy :p Seeing cave spiders dont poison me...
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  5. EMC's wilds are supposed to be defaulted to easy. If you notice that the experience gain is small.. Harder experiences give more experience from my experimentation on single player.
  6. lol you said experience lots (no usally I'm not this stupid sounding) :D
  7. They're all on easy. Why else would zombies stand politely at your door until you let them in?
  8. I just noticed.. xD
    ..But with that said, If you are not wearing armor and a creeper thinks you need a hug, the explosion will most likely kill you from full health.. However you also stand a small chance of dying wearing armor, but not as great as you would being nekkie.
  9. I have had a couple door-to-door travelling zombies in my wild village wondering if I would be interested in changing my long-distance service provider to "braaaaaaaaaaaaaaains".. xD
  10. There should be a 'Coexist' mode where you can embrace a creeper without fear of being blown to smithereens.
  11. Oh, those travelling sales-zombies...
    Don't open the door for them.
  12. There is... Its called Creative..xD
  13. I wait until they walk away and then I give them an arrow to the knee.. :3
  14. Then you hit one, and its all over.

    I have had a zombie offer me a new cable show, called, "The best brains in Minecraft"
  15. In fact, I got bored waiting on my Golem spawner in one of my test worlds and spawned a herd of creepers into it and ended up with a plethora of gunpowder.. xD
  16. Nuh-uh, they last as long as they survive the fire of my enchanted bow.. Its usually a couple of seconds.. Usually..
  17. I just give zombies facepalm to put them out of there misery
  18. From what I understand cave spiders don't poison in Multiplayer.
  19. Nope, they don't...thank goodness. I've died too many times on single player from their poisonings, losing a lot of good weapons & armor along the way. Recently I've had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of these fine critters in the mines I've found all over the EMC wild. They've said hello, I've said hello back with a sword and I haven't been poisoned, thus making me believe, they're not poisonous. :)

    Alright, so here is a question for anyone who wants to answer. You're in a mine, you find a spawner (cave spider, zombie, skelly, etc..) do you break it? Do you just torch it off & do what you were doing, then remove the torches as you leave to let someone else get in on the fun?
    Typically I leave the spawners in-tact, just un-torch them and run like heck to avoid a plague of monsters chasing me down hallways hoping to kill me. What do you all do?
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  20. Get a good full set of armor (replace it if it gets too damaged) and a good sword. Run away from creepers when you see them, or hit them and run like heck so they explode behind you as you run away. Or kill them from a distance with a bow. That's probably easiest. I've never been instant killed, but I've had more than 1 door busted by a surprise creeper explosion. Well there was that one time I did have 3 creepers fall in my hiding area and explode while I was in a cave waiting for my brother to arrive. I was digging up, he was digging down and the creepers were in the middle. BOOM! That instant killed me for sure. Oh and I was instant killed by a (lightning) charged creeper, so maybe I have been instant killed. But both of those times were rare occurrences. You'll be alright, but if you're worried, make sure to not carry valuable things on your excursions to the wild. Then if you die, maybe you lose a stone sword or iron armor instead of diamond.