Why does it keep saying this

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  1. Why does it keep saying Conection Failed when i try getting in to emc its getting a little frustrating is this happening to any other people?
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  2. Its happening to everyone
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  3. hmm why so?
  4. Do i look like a dev? :p
    EDIT: The server has been down for 15 mins and no-one is on. I think somethings wrong :confused:
  5. It seems like the reboots are taking down the servers, should be back up soon. (I hope) :p
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  6. No you like like a nub :D :p
  7. I hope so too
  8. A like like a nub? Nubs dont like any posts :p
  9. Nub.
  10. The fallback server for Bungee isn't working for some reason. Maybe a hang up in the reboot process.
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  11. Constant stalking me you posted on my other thingy to XD
  12. Lots of ppl on right now:
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  13. Oy you! Koala! Keep the thread on topic :D
  14. LOL im so adding that to my sig XD
  15. Make sure you add 'Courtesy of a Nub'
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  16. k Courtesy of a Nub =P
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  17. *Whistles* Its been half an hours :..( I'm dying from the lack of emc
  18. I still can't get on any server. :(
  19. *Sets of flare* There was staff on before the reboot. It looks like they can't get on either :/
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