Why does EMC make their own plugins?

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  1. I was talking to my friend, djozane, in real life about EMC. He said
    "Why does Empire Minecraft make their own plugins? It's just a big waste of time because they can just download them from Bukkit".

    So, I decided to find out why.

    I hopped onto a server with an economy. It was using 2 different plugins: An outdated iConomy plugin and another one I forgot the name of. As soon as I discovered this I knew everything would go wrong.

    Players where allowed to /tp to other players to buy from them, and there was no chestshop. The ban list was full of players mis-using the /tp to teleport long distances.

    Anyway, the chat, when somebody was buying, was full of
    "What form is this sold in? Pound (iConomy), or dollar (the other plugin)"
    Both plugins were unmodified, outdated, and there was no need for the two of them. The customization of the economy sounds good, but it caused chaos. If one player couldn't afford it with pounds, they weren't allowed to buy it with dollars.

    You also earned pounds from killing mobs and earned 1 dollar from buying stuff. The money was glitched and you couldn't get it from the mobs most of the time, and the buying was glitched in the same way too, but with buying stuff.

    EMC has one economy, which is a custom coded one, which is up to date, is efficient and has no glitches. Players can also customize their price, on this other server you couldn't. We also have chestshop.

    Chat channels.

    I decided to use a different server for the chat channels, as the other server didn't have one.
    I spawned in, and the spawn was beautiful, and upon first log-in you were awarded 2,500 "Rubies".
    With these 2,500 rubies you could buy a full set of leather armor and stone tools from the spawn store, which was using chestshop. It seemed great, so I asked a mod what they were using for the economy
    they said. iConomy is outdated, as stated above. Sure enough, the money was once again glitched and the economy didn't seem stable.
    You could switch economic 'channels'. Meaning once you left spawn you could type /ch Ruby and you would be in the currency's channel.

    Again, multiple currencies, which is never good.

    It completely locked communication. Ruby was the most used, but for the 'Bones', 'Beats', and dollars channel, they had a poor economy with not enough users that couldn't switch without admin consent, nor could they talk to anybody on rubies channel.

    And finally, protected land.

    No other server I could find has a town like EMC does. You had unlimited amounts of land, and the first 1k blocks were untouchable due to it being spawn, and the next 10k blocks were available for supporters only. Only 60 supporters owned this land, one of them owned well over 60% of those blocks.

    Unprotected land was hard to find. There was no limit on the blocks you could protect, the server admins were abusive and unresponsive at times so they didn't clear of land. Everything was set to default and I got about 10 blocks of land out of my 2 hour stay there.

    So there, that is your reason why we have custom coded plugins. We have a stable economy, a good way of communication and modded chat, and a town world where we can build what we want on 120 blocks of land altogether... on the edge of the residence.
  2. How complicated and confusing a lot of plugins and other servers are is what drove a lot of our customization :) Great post!
  3. I have seen a creative server with plots, but the staff was disrespectful and incompetent. I built a very, very nice floating city on my plot, showed it to the admin. He reset my plot out of spite.
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  4. Wow, just wow...
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  5. It's great that they do!
    I already know this but it is good to tell the people that don't know.
    When you download a plugin off bukit it often needs tweaking to work well for your setup.
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  6. Also, I find it odd that I met a nice player named tmilburn who I exchanged ideas with, I ripped off a floating island, he ripped off my sky elevator entrance. He's actually been a member of EMC for 333 days it seems, but hasn't been on for 50 days.
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  7. Just to prove how a good,Well though out post can be a huge diffrence:

    Before this post "Hm,Soulpunisher is ok but a but wierd"
    After this post "GOOOOOOOOOOOOO Soulpunisher!"

    So,Awsome post and a Good idea.
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  8. Ouch.
  9. I must add that about 5 minutes later, he got so frustrated with PlotMe, he deleted EVERYTHING. But still.
  10. You would never do that! Would you Justin? Your my (our) hero and I love you!! <3
  11. PlotMe is a nice plugin i use it too, took sometime to configure wouldnt work right with permissions etc!
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  12. My friend's youtube (which I am a member of) is partnered with this part-good, part-bad server... I was on it, and a mod filled my friend's house with dragon eggs. He said it was moderating fun with another mod (my friend is a mod on the server), but it took 2 hours to mine the dragon eggs.

    That same night, another moderator turned PvP on and killed all the people who weren't mods (including me), and I lost diamond tools, armor, and ore. Then, he pulled a world edit on my spleef arena and turned into an archery range and griefed my house... That took me 5 hours.

    And you did a great job at it :)
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  13. Justin I love you! Do you love me?
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  16. This sounds like a repeat of what I will simply call "the Maxarias incident"...
  17. What ya mean?
  18. lol I liked this post at the same time as nfell and kylling.
    Also Justin, I liked your post.
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  19. Do I need to remind you of one of your kick reasons on the 1.4 livestream? :p
  20. Oh the one for 4 i got :rolleyes:
    And i thought it was for spam of /tell maxarias I LOVE YOU <3