Why do i feel this way?

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  1. This is kind of a question i'm embaressed to ask, but i've been having more feeling for females than myself. I'm willing to lay down my life for another woman. Why am i feeling like this? I don't have a crush on anyone, right now, which confuses me :confused:
  2. I dont understand.
    Please explain more.
  3. JTC I feel the same way. PM me and I'll show you what I mean...I go pretty deep with things like this...
  4. It happens to all teenagers, and is normal.
  5. I feel....
    more loving towards woman. I understand most of them are fragile, and i tend to care about them more. (This may sound a little stupid :p) In a movie, video game or machinima, when i woman dies, i feel sad. I don't feel anything when the men die. It confuses me why i am suddendly like this
  6. Your a good person, at least you come across like that now. :p
  7. you are the first person on EMC to have told me that. it means alot to me. thank you :)
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  8. No problem! :)
  9. Hmm, jtc, I don't really feel qualified to answer this question, although I suspect its just a normal thing, I think most guys feel that way (the good ones). However, I have noticed you asking a lot of really personal questions on these forums, and though a lot of interesting discussions have spawned from them, I do hope your talking to people outside of strangers on a video game forum, because asking for really personal advice, one this and on other things, is better done in person with people you know and respect (parents, youth group leaders, good teachers, other family, etc.)
  10. Like HylianNinja said, its puberty. You're mind wants to be with a woman as its normal and natural. Its not bad its a stage in getting older.
  11. It sounds like someone is hitting puberty.

    Don't worry, you'll figure it out. :)

    Eventually you'll join the ranks of us embittered men who have had their fill of malicious, cruel women who abuse our kindness, and you'll have your revenge on them by sleeping with a girl and not returning her calls afterwards.

    (Or as I did in one case, jump out of her first floor balcony to escape, having woken up to find she wasn't as good looking as the numerous beers had made me first think, and that she'd locked the door to her flat so I couldn't get out. I would loved to have seen that reaction when she woke up to find her french doors open, an imprint of an impact in the garden below and footprints leading off to the road. :D )
  12. You sir, made me laugh for 4 minutes, non-stop :D
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  13. My hormones like playing a certain game. That certain game is called "Let's screw with Soul's head".
    They really enjoy it because they play it 99.9% of the time.
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  14. I have had these hormones thoughts and feelings before but then I stopped because I knew that they meant nothing to me and I was going to be forever alone.
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  15. Life is a love story. There is a beauty and genius in womanhood that is wholesome and a pleasure to behold, preserve and protect.
  16. hormones.... life's way of giving you even more hell....
  17. ...that sir was funny