Why did the chickeneer cross the road?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by chickeneer, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. you
    you lost me at garkems
  2. In other words, you can't even answer my question! Can you at least try though I put a lot of thought into it... ?
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  3. Life's question right here!
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  4. No the real life question is too complicated for us to comprehend... You all should be glad I didn't wright one down...
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  5. I will try...

    A shrodrem is 352 Feet or 1/15 of a mile
    A fidkels is 117 Feet and 4 inches or 1/45 of a mile
    And a garkem is 58 feet and 8 inches or 1/90 of a mile.

    Not sure what a garklem is though..
  6. Mmmmhhhmmmm.... try the garklem now... think about it.... think about it....
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  7. I'm surprised you didn't get the garklem.... It is a very easy one that doesn't even involve math!
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  8. Come on man you got this you got this think about all the terms used in the problem and write them down.... Then post it... (all the terms and I mean all of them).... unless you want me to give you a life question...
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  9. When I google Garklem - this thread is like 4 or 5 down on the list...
  10. 2.5 miles.
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  11. No write down the terms I used in the question. It will help you solve it...
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  12. I am not good with word games. If it had been something with numbers I probably could have figured it out. But this is beyond me
  13. Incorrect. That is but one answer to many. You failed... Go home and think about what you just did...

    5 down and the ones before it were in foreign languages... Dumb google messing around with my pre... I mean tricking people more with my question...
  14. No the terms like mile garklem garkem and so and such.... Just write down those kinds of "special to the equation" words.
  15. If there are two garklems in each fidkel, then three fikdels would have six garklems.
    Fifteen shrodrem in a mile.
    One mile divided by 15 equals 352.
    There one shrodrem is 352 miles.
    352 divided by three equals 117.3 repeating.
    117.3 repeating divided by two equals fifty eight point six repeating.
    Therefore one garklem equals fifty eight 2/3 miles.
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  16. Nope there are no garklems in a fidkel if anything the fidkel would be in the garklem however a garkem is in a fidkel... silly dummingcans don't let your brain skip past the important information... tisk tisk...

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  17. Nope im right.
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  18. Sorry, but I feel as if you are trying to troll me. As a mathematician I can only say that this problem is not solvable due to the fact that I don't have enough information.
  19. Awwww yus.
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  20. Why did the chickeneer cross the road...
    Such a simple and small question asked here but, the answer hard to seek.
    You think the chicken, named chickeneer crossed the road, but no one knows why. It may have been to get to spawn, or just to simply get to another residence. But, what is not being asked? Why would a chicken have the urge to do so in the first place, if there could have been fatalities involved with horses, pigs, minecarts, cows, and other things, yet the chicken managed to survive all that, without a second, remote thought. What if, the chicken, never crossed the road? Why has that not ever occurred to someone in the past, that the chicken crossing the road, was passing a mental barrier, and the chicken you. You crossed the border, into a better, more mentally capable, of dangers ahead, but, with enough courage to overcome those fears. You are the chicken, and the road, your obstacle to overcome in the trials ahead.
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