Why did the chickeneer cross the road?

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  1. i think the more important question is why he looked both ways in a world where cars don't exist.
  2. Awesome :D
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  3. Mumble things :p
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  4. Looking out for Horses.
  5. D:

    Awesome video! You deserve a medal! :D
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  6. Iccs TNT train, Jack's hamster and Aikar economy ruining van.
  7. Uh... to get to the spawn?
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  8. Because the grass is greener on the other side :)
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  9. Clearly, the chickeneer crossed the road because Margaritte's chicken roaster was on the res he was standing on, so he needed to escape.
  10. hmm. did he cross because someone asked if he lays eggs?
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  11. He threw his children over the road, and they disappeared and he got banned for attempt at egg briefing.
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  12. There is a command that you can do and it's called /spawn and that will get you to the other side of the road safer.
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  13. The thing that made me laugh, was how no audio was involved what so ever. Classic chicky
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  14. An after thought was to add in the chicken dance or something... But yeah- first video. Noobish move I guess
  15. iSmooch informed me that I could add audio in later - So I have done so. Enjoy ;)

    NOte: audio may not actually be up yet >.>
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  16. Here's a song.... just saying
  17. He crossed the road because it was in his interest to do so.... Now answer me this... If there is 2 garkems in a fidkel and 3 fidkels in a shrodrem and 15 shrodrems in a mile how big is a garklem,* a fidkel, a shrodrem, and a garkem?

    *not the same

    Answer me that!