Why can't I vote?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by GreenMeanie, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. I tried to vote on a few sites, and they gave me an error saying that my account is not registered.
    I have been voting for this account every so often, but I just now got the error.

    I did in fact change my name for that account, but I also know that if I vote for the new name it won't work.

    What should I do?
  2. Some sites may not work even if you use your new name, since the new name has not been registered onto the Server. You will just have to stick to the sites that do work for now, if you're in need of Rupees let me know though :p
  3. On the home page the bubble thing that notifies players about name changes says to vote with your old name.
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  4. vote with Gearmaster09 not your newer name.... though tbh, I don't see why you "couldn't" use your newer name... if they both use the same UUID
  5. Nothing about voting uses UUID's, its all name based and cant really change w/o a new version of the protocol which would mean also getting all the voting sites to update AND support BOTH too... unlikely to happen.
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  6. Or blame black magic for this lol
  7. Can't you update EMC to accept both names?
  8. their currently working on getting the new names to work. Just takes a lot of work for the voting sites to send the rewards to the new names than the old ones ( my opinion ), but their working on it.
  9. If I added an API call to look up "unknown names" yes, but full name change support is just around the corner (The last update was one of the bigger needed changes to get out of the way)

    Once we support name changing, voting with old and new name will then work, as long as someone else has not taken over your old name, though there would be no benefit for using your old name.... I added that code for people who are trying to look you up on /p etc would return your profile still vs "Could not find user"

    And before someone says "But what if you don't want people to know your old/new name", well sorry that's impossible to support as name history is public. You can't hide your old names, or try to come off as a new person, ever, and that's enforced by Mojang.

    The only way to really create a new identity is to buy a new account.