Why are you changing you name (or not)?

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Are you going to change your user name?

Yes 13 vote(s) 39.4%
No 13 vote(s) 39.4%
Undecided 7 vote(s) 21.2%
  1. Long time and no talk everybody!~ I'm back now and wanting to stir up some conversation about the eventual ability to change your Minecraft user name. Did you make your name several years ago and outgrew it? Was it a bad decision but you have too much invested in it to change? I'm looking for your stories about why you are/ are not going to change your name. Also, if you need suggestions or feedback on names that you're pondering feel free to drop it here (and hopefully no one takes it).
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  2. How do we even change them?
  3. Only thing I regret about this username is the lack of capital letters and the grammatical incorrectness. that and how it has nothing to do with me at all.
  4. Well my first account ever I made when I was really young. My original name is bob24681024. I hated it so much I got a new name and made this my first account. Even though bob is older by two times older. Changing names would now allow me to operate on both.
  5. I currently am borrowing this account (will have my own on saturday) and i personally would never make this my name as it is too personal etc
  6. Nah, people know me as me.
    And a rose by any other name is still a rose ;)... (ok, well poppy now a days)
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  7. Maybe. I have two possible names in mind.
    Qwerty189: And you just keep on trying...
    /name set [CLASSIFIED]
    [CLASSIFIED]: ...'till you run out of cake.
  8. All im going to change is the "h" in huckleberry24 to a Capital (H) - it annoys me so much!! :p
  9. I might get rid of the numbers at the end of my name, but that's about it.
  10. I love the fact that people normally spell my name wrong.
    Also, I just wouldn't be me without my name =)
  11. Yep, to Deajer. This is an "InternetAlias" that i have since abandoned, and dont like anymore
  12. I like my name and I don't want to have to get used to a new one.
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  13. At some point I would've agreed and said that I would want to change my name. However, as much as that 3000 sometimes irks me, I think that I've really grown into my name and can't see myself parading around in some shiny new mask of a username. hashhog3000 is the symbol of my ingame character, so why confuse people when it suits me fine and I think it represents me? :)
  14. I will never be changing my name. I mean, I'll give a rupee (I'll even kiss it first!) to anyone who can give any name more grammarful than TheApostrophe. :p But in all seriousness, I like my name. It's neat, interesting, and makes people wonder just what kind of a person I am. :) So yeah, I'm on Team Keep-It! :)
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  15. What about TheHyphen? Oooh, you might as well just hand me that rupee right now. :cool:
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  16. I am changing my alts name to AdinDoesGaming1 and my main's name to AdinDoesGaming
  17. Pffft. Hyphens are overrated. Honestly, nobody can even tell the difference between a hyphen and a dash these days, so it isn't like hyphens are very original. Always desperate to outdo the dashes in order to become a prominent punctuation mark. Terribly arrogant, too. They seem to forget that we apostrophes are actually on the high end of the ol' font level. ' vs -... not even a contest.
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  18. When name changes are available - this page will be updated: Here

    They are not yet available; They will most likely not be released until most servers support uuid changes from the 1.8 update ... Since most servers were being supported based on Bukkit - because that fell through, Mojang, most likely, will wait for the adaption of servers on the spigot or sponge release....which, as of now, may not be until around January.
  19. TheSemiColon comes off as a bit unusual, just like the punctuation itself. :D
  20. Maybe to DjKrazy and my brother's account to DjPepe... seems better...