Why are my notifications kind of broken?

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  1. Hello everyone.

    Lately my notifications haven't been working like they should. Sometimes, the red thingy with the white number (with the amount of notifications, just disappears when I'm visiting pages. Other times, it just doesn't say I have any notifications at all. And, once the notifications weren't even in the alerts page! I missed many auctions because of this.
    This has been going on for a few days now, but before that I wasn't really active on the forums for a while.

    Does anyone know what's causing this? Thanks. :)
  2. This just happened again. I should've gotten 2 notifications, but it's like they have already been checked, before I can even see there were new notifications...
  3. This happens to me quite a bit. I've found that when threads get mass amounts of comments, you will unlikely receive an alert.
  4. Do you have tabs of those threads open somewhere?
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  5. I might have one of them open on my phone, but that thread doesn't always get replied to. I also have some threads open on my computer, but it's turned off, so that shouldn't matter too much.

    Most threads dont get tons of notifications, so I don't think it's that.
  6. If a thread gets a ton of notifications you will only receive the one for the first notification(if it is replies to the thread) until you check it. You might want to try clearing your cache on your browsers and logging out on all your devices that you have connected to emc.gs. Log back in and see if you are still having the same problem. I would think this would fix it but it may be something else.
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  7. The thing is that I usually do get the notification, but they are read automotically, so I don't noticd there is a new reply.
  8. If you click on that, "Alerts" link at the top of the pages it opens up a little box. And if you press the "Show All" link, it sends you to a page with all of the lasted notifications for your threads. I have found that to be the most accurate way to check my alerts. I don't entirely trust the little red number at the top of the pages. I hope that helps.
  9. If I go to there, indeed, I can see all of my notifications. But that little red number is so useful, to quickly know whether you've got some catching up to do, or not... if it works...
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  10. What I've noticed happening is that if I don't look at a thread for awhile I stop getting notifications. Then if I just open the thread up again then I start getting notifications for it again.

    Something definitely going on with the logic there.
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  11. I agree with you there, I would like to be the one who decides whether or not I receive notifications anymore. A simple click on the "unwatch thread" link would stop notifications on threads I no longer wanted to see.