Why are hackers/griefers crying after ban?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Xandrow, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. I don't understand why people there gets banned for hacking/griefing getting Butt hurt so much. Like if you really care in first place WHY use hack or grief then?
    You can't just hack/grief and then after you get punished cry so much!

    I did hack too and I got punished aswell, before I got banned I was a really active player here on EMC but I was LAZY to dig out my little brothers residence so I used hacks to make it easier for me (No i'm whining about it, I'm honored and thankful for my ban)
    I got caught like mins after getting hacks on, I didnt think twice before getting hacks but as I said I do accept my punishment because if I didnt get banned that time, I would probly had used hacks again and again and again.

    So I got permanent banned from EMC for hacking, and some mins after my ban EVERY thing I spend time on got resetted, my rupees, residence and all my TEXP.
    - 2,488,994
    This is the amount of rupees there got taken away from me after I got banned.

    And you know what? I didn't even cry about it, I did know the risk of hacking and I took that risk and got banned.

    In my eyes you NEED to think twice before doing bad stuff, and not think about it ONCE you get a punishment. I was really calm about my ban, I didnt rage at all. And I'm actually very thankful for getting banned. Now I have more sparetime in real life and since I got banned I've had more time to spend with my friends, familly and my girlfriend.

    I think more people should react like me after they are getting banned and thank the staff for banning them instead of raging.

    Oh and this is for Maxarias.
    Thanks for banning me, I'm really thankful for that punishment you gave me. Because of you I've gotten a job and a girlfriend, if it wasnt for you I would probly had wasted MORE of my sparetime on minecraft instead of spending time in real life.
    I want you to know that I think you are a great staff here on EMC, and that I'm really really REALLY thankful for having you on EMC. If it wasnt for you I wouldnt had taken my sparetime seriously, so once again Thanks Maxarias

    Oh and no this is not a ban appeal, I did make a ban appeal few days after I got banned, and It got denied so I just wanted to share some stuff lol :D
  2. I applaud you for the way you handled this, if only everyone else was more proactive like you.
  3. Incorrect way to appeal.
    Lol jk.
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  4. Well then. Glad to hear you got a girlfriend
  5. Hope you use your new spare time well, have fun in life
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  6. I feel a locked thread coming on....
    Its nice that you have moved on and accepted your mistakes.
  7. when i read this ( not trying to be mean ) but i feel i got a sarcastic tone .....
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  8. Threads like this dont get locked like appeals do. They stay open to diswade people from using mods
  9. *dissuade
  10. You are one of the very few people that didn't completely flip out when you got banned for hacks and for that sir I applaud you.
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  11. Hey, I just said I felt it, doesnt mean I said it will happen.
  12. Nice thread Xandrow , we had someone on smp5 couple of days ago complaining about how his main account got banned for greifing LLO. His reason for doing it he told us because he was bored ....lol guess he blow 20 bucks this month lol
  13. I really respect you for taking your ban the way you did. It is people like you that I look up to. Not as in people who hack but people who understand there is a reason for anything to happen. :)
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  14. ^

    This is why I loved EMC, always nice people out there :)

    And just to let haters know this is not attention seeking :)

    Oh and yea if this threads gets locked I won't care that much, I posted what I felt and I don't see a reason for why this should get locked or maybe for some drama but tbh this is not really a big deal
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  15. Just to let you know, this thread is not sarcastic at all. This is how I feel, and how I reacted when I got banned
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  16. <3
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  17. You're an attention seeker! Joking xD

    They whine because they realize EMC is a great place to be, and they can't go back to it :p Also, I applaud you for your way of handling your ban, and good luck with your girlfriend - they can be quite...annoying sometimes.
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  18. Becuse people don't know how great emc really is before being forced to leave it.
  19. Like has been said, I think you handled this well. It's not every day you can meet someone as modest and understanding as you. ;)
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