Whut. The. Heck.

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  1. Ok so i try and login any server and i get this "connection lost" and this huge error thing with a url that says like jsp./join/serverip/empireminecraft=user ipwncreeps......... idk. any1 else getting this and how to fix it?

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  2. yeah i have the same issue so its not just you
  3. Its only empire minecraft. Yet people are on the servers.....
  4. Those members may have been online b4 error occured, they wont be kicked off, but if they d/c they wont be able to log on again.
  5. what is going on with the server though how long will it be down for?
  6. I hope justin knows,,,, or maybe this isnt an error?
  7. Unknown sorry, lets hope for sooner rather then later :)
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  8. so it can pretty much be down for like all night..
  9. I agree. Just all you can do is hope the answer to ur question is no :)
  10. why dnt they restart the server
  11. I dont know if any of you have tried logging in to any other non-empire servers, but all the ones on my list are offline as well with the same error. I think it is safe to assume this is not an empireminecraft issue, but a minecraft.net issue instead.
  12. is there anyway we can report it to them
  13. This is not a problem within the Empire servers. The problem is within Mojang. I believe it is being fixed as we speak. Just to reiterate this is NOT a problem within the Empire, so Justin can't fix it :S
  14. lol, they probably have half a million reports by now, they will fix it asap :p
  15. Invite Notch to play lol :D
  16. ok im not gunna be happy if i die when i log back in do to a potion wearing off while i was swimming in lava i will be very upset
  17. Suks sooo bad. :p I was on and just decided to log off quick and get back on to refresh my experience points for enchanting and now can't get on... hope this is fixed quickly. :(
  18. server is back up