[Whovians] Night of the Doctor

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    What do you guys think the Last Day is about then?
  3. I think it's about the Time War itself...
  4. Involving the Moment perhaps?
    Seeing this a regeneration, making the 9th Doctor the 10th incarnation and so on, think we'll see the Valeyard popping up soon?
  5. Although it shifts the incarnations a bit, it does NOT shift the titles of the Doctors! Eccleston is still the 9th DOCTOR...

    The valeyard is supposed to be the last incarnation...so probably have to wait til the 100th anniversary for that one...
  6. I'm going to finish watching Doctor Who eventually and start watching this when it comes out, I've only just started watching. I really like the 9th doctor.
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  7. Yes, but Time Lords only have 12 regenerations. Doesn't this count as one? And since the Valeyard appears between his 12th and final incarnation, then he should be appearing between Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi.
  8. Moffatt has already let loose that the 12 regen rule doesnt apply...

    If you watch a Sarah Jane Adventures episode called Death of the Doctor, he tells one of those kids that he has a lot more than 12...
  9. I feel the Doctor was just joking with Clyde though.
    Oh well, we'll have to wait and see.
  10. I recall reading somewhere that the regeneration issue will be addressed in the Christmas special.
  11. personally, I think the 10th is better, but the 9th is really good :)
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  12. They wouldn't let the money machine die out this early...I have a feeling that a plot device will work its way in
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  13. 8 more days!
    And on another note, I received my official 50th anniversary TARDIS earrings in the mail =)
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  14. I can't wait for it to arrive it look like its going to be EPIC!
    But i'll be sad to see Matt Smith leave, he was a good doctor :(
  15. I don't have that much of an opinion, I just like the 9th because he's the only one I've seen.
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  16. The Fourth Doctor is the best with the Ninth a distant second (this is the only context where that statement makes sense.) Of course this is all just opinion.
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  17. When it comes to deciding favorites it really depends on what aspect you like most in the character. Here is a short summary by number of key personality aspects:
    1. Investigator. A lot of period visits
    2. Quirky. Fly by the seat of your pants kinda guy
    3. If you like the show MASH you will like his era
    4. Sarcastic in every situation. The little kids with the world to explore.
    5. Pretty tame
    6. Colorful in more ways than one
    7. An odd mix of class and'i have no idea what I am doing'
    8. Amazing movie choice. typical 90s fella
    9. sassy
    10. Clever and knows it. Also flaunts it.
    11. Drama!!!
    12. To be determined...
  18. i loved eccleson my fav hands down. the way he replied to enemies always seemed like he was outthinking them before the convo started.

    also i remember reading in fanfic somewhere that him interacting with the tardis core messed up his number of incarnations since technically the regen from that could of came from anywhere along his own timeline