[WHOVIANS] Doctor Who Celebration!!!

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  1. PARTY ON SMP2! RES 3004 @ 9 pm CST!!!

    Doctor who trivia will be included =)

    Oh, and free gifts and some door prizes too...

    So I think I am ready for the 50th anniversary special in just under 19 hours away....
    room2.jpg room3.jpg room3.5.jpg
    What do you guys think?

    How will you be celebrating this amazing day?

    Comment below...
    oh and I might or might not be planning a small get together on Saturday night AFTER the ICC head drop thing in a very special room....stay tuned ;)
  2. Do you have a Dr Who party planned? :)
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  3. Well my coworker and fellow whovian is coming over and we might try to make Doctor Who related food (fish fingers in the freezer)...but that's it
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  4. mmm, fish fingers and custard
  5. Im excited and cant wait!

    This is going to be exciting. :D :D :D :D :D
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  6. Not celebrating in any special way; but I applaud your festive...ness
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  7. Must.. count.... down.... every..... hour.....

    DOCTOR WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  8. Very nice Krysyy and I'm the same as Chickeneer. Just got my DVR ready to go. :)
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  9. Wat time is it EST again?... Even doe i got my DVR ready for this.... still havent watched S7 last EP, saving it for just before the premier. :D
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  10. Omg DVR???

    Not for me...Moose knows I have had the living room and time slot reserved since it was announced.
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  11. It's 1:50 cst.
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  12. thanks :p
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  13. Almost time…
    I'm planning on heading over to my friend's house with some of our other friends and we'll be freaking out at the episode with every reference they might make, and sonicing each other with our screwdrivers :D
    I also found this when I turned on my computer today.

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  14. That's one of the tings I never planned to collect was the screwdrivers. Maybe I'll have to get the remote one.
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  15. TARDISes.
    TARDISes everywhere.
    Apart from that, I'm quite ticked off that I actually have to do something tomorrow that occupies that timespace. :p
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  16. hehehhehhehehehe yes
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  17. If you think about it, wouldn't the plural of TARDIS still be TARDIS? :confused:
    Time and Relative Dimension in Space would be Time and Relative Dimensions in Space? :confused:
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  18. Ah, it depends on how you're using it, I guess.
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  19. Aww Yeah! Having a viewing party with me and 10 of my closest whovian friends!
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  20. Doesn't quite have the same ring to it lol
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